Who wouldn’t be, right?  A cheap office carries with it a rather negative connotation, but if we said an inexpensive office?  Most business owners would say “sign me up,” for the inexpensive part . . . and then toss in “totally unique business park” and chances are excellent that everyone is interested.  Skeptical, perhaps, but definitely interested.

Sure they are skeptical.  Is there such a thing as a totally unique business park? Aren’t they all pretty much the same?  Industrial lease space is industrial lease space, right? One looks pretty much like the other, or so conventional wisdom goes.

Yes, they are, but despite that, and despite any skepticism you might have about the inexpensive claims, it is possible to have both inexpensive and totally unique.

You may have to travel to Fort Worth, Texas, to see it, because in Fort Worth, Texas, there exists a new business park called Box Office Warehouse Suites, and there you will find both inexpensive and totally unique.

We promise!

Before we explain any further, you need to know that Box Office Warehouse Suites is the first, and only, business park in the Fort Worth metropolitan area made entirely from shipping containers. That information is important in explaining why their suites are inexpensive.

Traditional construction is, as you know, called post-and-beam construction.  It involves framing using lumber, supporting using beams and posts, and the whole thing is anchored down in cement for permanence.  It is an expensive way to build, but it is also the accepted way to build, the way probably 90% of contactors and builders construct a structure.

With shipping containers, the construction costs are eliminated.  All you are left with is retrofitting cost, the plumbing and wiring, and interior costs like paneling and ceilings.  In point of fact, retrofitting costs are probably at least 50% cheaper than traditional construction, and that savings is passed on to those leasing suites at Box Office Warehouse Suites.

Now go online and take a look at Box Office Warehouse Suites.  Notice the bright colors.  Notice the street art/graffiti art.  Notice the electric car charging stations.  Pay attention to all the amenities and security features.  Notice the grass patios on the upstairs units.  Take a look at all the features and you are left with only one possible conclusion: this is a totally unique business park!

And if that isn’t enough, construction with shipping containers is eco-friendly (note no lumber in framing) and it is oh-so-flexible.  Flexibility is important so pay attention.  If your business outgrows one shipping container, simply add on another shipping container.  It literally can be done in a matter of one or two weeks.  Not only that, but since shipping containers are basically hollow shells, they can be retail stores, warehouse lease space, offices, makerspaces, repair shops . . . they can be anything for anyone!

And how cool is that?

So, is a trip to Fort Worth, Texas a possibility?  Probably not, but using shipping containers for your own industrial or commercial use is a possibility, one well-worth consideration.  After all, your business really does deserve a totally unique business atmosphere!