What?  You’ve never heard of a container office?

If you’re the owner of a small business, it’s about time you learn about container offices.

Yes, we’re talking about shipping containers, the same tired old containers you see down by the docks waiting to be loaded onto a container ship; the same containers you see on railroad cars and being hauled by semi-trucks; and yes, the same containers you see at some construction sites.

But times are changing, and shipping containers are changing with them.

Some genius, not too long ago, learned that there are literally millions of shipping containers discarded and not being used.  That genius took a look at those virtually indestructible containers and then realized how easy it would be to retrofit them.  He, or she, talked to some professional designers and found out that gutting them, putting in carpet and paneling them, was fairly inexpensive, and then they happily discovered how easy containers are to add onto, thus increasing their size and usefulness.

Suddenly, shipping containers were being seen in a whole new light.  As commercial property for lease costs skyrocketed in cities, developers came to realize that the lower construction/retrofitting costs of containers made a whole lot of dollar sense.  They came to realize that containers could be used as offices, retail spaces, small warehouses, makerspaces, flex spaces, or artist studios.

And so it was!

But rather than tell you about it, how about we show you one such business park in Fort Worth, Texas, made entirely from shipping containers?  That business park is called Box Office Warehouse Suites, and before the final nail was pounded in it had anchor tenants such as Happy Bank ATM Center and Salon & Spa Galleria, two locally-established and successful businesses.  The containers (100 of them) were purchased from Container King in Denton, Texas, and the whole business park was designed by Hue Architecture of New Jersey.  Paneling was added, carpet was added, bright colors were painted, landscaping, security measures, grass patios on upstairs units, and before anyone knew what the heck was happening, a new business park was opening, offering the best value in industrial property for lease in the Fort Worth area.

Take an online tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites and ask yourself if something like that would work for your small business.  Chances are it would.  Shipping containers offer flexibility, and when your business grows it is very easy to add on another container, in essence doubling your work space at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction.  No matter what your business nature and needs are, shipping containers can meet them.

We’re not talking fantasy or science fiction here.  Box Office Warehouse Suites proves that shipping containers are viable alternatives for small businesses, and not only viable alternatives but intelligent alternatives.  Before you sign a lease on office lease space that does not meet your needs, ask around to see if anyone is leasing shipping containers.  You just might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover, and your business office just might start a local trend.