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It’s not a trick question, you know; there really is a “best office space to rent” in Tarrant County. That office space is the office space that perfectly matches your needs as a business owner. We can help you find it!

No, scratch that, we already have it, and it’s available to you!

At RDS Real Estate, we offer commercial property for rent throughout all of Tarrant County, we are sure to have a property that suits your immediate and growing business needs.

It’s a big county, the third largest in Texas with close to two-million people. Out of those two-million residents, you find a ton of business owners, mostly small-business owners, looking for the best location for their business. We understand this at RDS Real Estate, and that is why we’ve done an interesting thing, something very few real estate/development companies do; we purchased over one-million square feet of commercial property in Tarrant County and turned it into multi-use facilities.

Multi-use properties that can be used as office space. But that’s not all! This office space can be an office space with storage or office space with small warehouse space. It can also be retail space with office space, warehouse space with office space, a small warehouse that converts to office space, as does a retail location and so on. It really is a world with many possibilities. RDS opens the door and offers the space, you create with it.

Finding office space to rent in Tarrant County is easy; finding the best office space to rent in Tarrant County is not. RDS Real Estate is making it easier by expanding the market, and we are expanding it even more with the soon-to-be-opened Box Office Warehouse Suites and Golden Triangle Business Park, both in Tarrant County and both perfect examples of multi-use industrial properties for lease.

Who do you want helping you to find the perfect office space for rent, a real estate company stuck in the past, or a real estate company like RDS Real Estate that is based in Fort Worth? When other companies turn you away or say no, we ask, “why not?”

The choice is pretty simple, isn’t it? Visit our website today for full property listings or to schedule a tour!