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It’s an interesting quest, this finding the “best deal” on Fort Worth industrial space.  It really calls for an objective answer and a subjective answer, since one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, or so the old saying goes.  Let’s look at both the subjective and the objective factors with regards to finding your desired industrial property for rent in the Fort Worth area.

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The subjective approach

There are times, in business, unusual but still it happens, when location is not terribly important with regards to the location of industrial property for lease.  If you own a company which does not rely on walk-in or drive-up traffic, a company which rarely has customers pay visits, then location is only important if it provides easy access to shipping (traffic) and fits within your budget.

We have seen fruit and produce warehouses located miles from the city but close to the freeway. The industrial space was rented at a very low price because it was not close to anything of importance, the property was close to the freeway, allowing for easy deliveries by trucks . . . these types of properties really break the conventional thinking regarding real estate value.  Still, for those business owners, it was exactly what they needed, low cost and easy access!

Some High-Tech companies choose this route. They prefer to be off the beaten path, away from heavy traffic, easy access to freeways.  A location which would be considered “junk” for most companies is a “treasure” for those companies.

To put it another way, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and objective conventions simply do not mean that much for those companies.

The objective approach

Still, the majority of companies prefer good locations for industrial space for lease where walk-in and drive-up traffic is heavy, locations with good traffic flow and easy access, locations which fit the mode in a conventional business world. Those locations, however, rarely are found “on the cheap.”  With these companies, the Laws of Supply and Demand dictate costs, and usually those rental costs are high.  There are some Fort Worth industrial spaces i.e. a warehouse for rent, which are renting for $5000 per month or more.

Fusing the two approaches for optimum results

And then we have a perfect confluence of the subjective and the objective, and in Fort Worth that can be found in the Fort Worth Design District, located in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth. There you will find the fastest growing industrial and commercial area in Tarrant County. There you will find easy access to freeways. And there you can still find great costs, like you can find at Box Office Warehouse Suites, where industrial space begins at $875 per month for prime, prime industrial property for rent.

It is worth a drive to the Alliance Area to see for yourself what we believe to be the best option for those looking for a shop for rent, a garage for rent, or a warehouse for rent in the Fort Worth area.

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