A search for an industrial property for lease, or industrial properties for lease, will net you far too many options.  In our opinion, working with an experienced commercial real estate agent is the only option which makes sense.  In the Fort Worth/Dallas area, we are RDS Real Estate, and our number is (817) 439-3224. Call us if you want to discuss industrial real estate in general, or industrial space in Tarrant County in particular.

How we would find you industrial property for lease

We follow a winning formula in finding industrial space for our clients.  We sit down with the client and we ask specifically what it is they need. Do they need a warehouse for rent?  Do they need a garage for rent, a shop for rent, or an office warehouse for rent? Do they need outside storage in addition?  What size property are they looking for? What amenities would they like, a loading dock, bay doors, ample parking, break room, etc.?

We would then talk location for the industrial space for lease

Where do they want their warehouse, shop, or garage?  Why that city?  Would they consider looking at other cities we consider to be better locations for their business?  In Tarrant County, where we are located, there are easily over thirty cities to choose from.  Some are business hotbeds; some are residential primarily; it is our job, as trained real estate brokers, to match needs with properties, so we would suggest a list of properties in and around the city our client has asked for. That list might look something like this:

  • 1200 Commercial Boulevard, Arlington
  • 12424 J Rendon Road, Burleson
  • 850 Blue Mound Road W, Fort Worth
  • 5532Midway Road, Haltom City
  • 7204 Mansfield Highway, Kennedale
  • 3101 N. Main, Mansfield

And we would then walk them through each property, getting their impressions of each, until we found the exact match which would best help them and their company.

Does it take a bit of time? Yes, for sure, but it is time well-spent because we are talking about the future home of your business, and location is one of the most important factors when determining success for a company. Is this the best way to find industrial space for lease?  We don’t know how other real estate companies run their businesses. We just know what works for us, and has worked successfully for a good number of years.

Finding industrial property for lease is more than just doing a Google search.  Sign on with the pros in your area, and work closely with them to make the most informed decision possible.  In the Fort Worth area, we are the pros to call.

About RDS Real Estate

We are locally owned and operated. We have over one-million square feet of multi-use industrial property for rent in Tarrant County, but more importantly we have the respect of the business community.  We will not rest until we have found the absolute best industrial space to match your needs. Contact us and let’s get you on the road to satisfaction and success.

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