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Because we have been in the real estate business for a long, long time, we understand the confusion over the difference between commercial property for rent and industrial property for rent. These are terms used daily by real estate brokers, but they are not common terms used by the average American.  What is the difference between commercial property and industrial property?  And it would further confuse many to learn that there are different types of industrial property for lease, just as there are different types of commercial property for lease.

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For those of you still confused, in need of clarification, hopefully this article will help you decide what it is you need from so many commercial properties for rent opportunities.

The various types of commercial property for rent

We begin with a definition. Commercial property is usually defined as property which is used to run a business and/or to make a profit.  On the other hand, industrial property is considered property where things are made i.e. manufacturing, or where things are stored i.e. warehouse for rent.  Mind you, these4 are loose definitions, the reason for much of the confusion.  For example, in the strictest sense, a fruit and produce warehouse is, in fact, making a profit.  In fact, a company like Boeing, making aircraft parts, is making a profit, and yet the properties they generate that profit from are considered industrial properties.

Setting aside that confusion for a moment, let us consider what traditional commercial properties are.  A retail space for lease, an office space for lease, a business loft for rent, a shop for rent, a studio for rent, these are traditionally considered to be commercial properties.  However, you will also see listings for an office warehouse for rent, and good luck determining if that is commercial or industrial.

Determine what you need in a commercial property lease

So, there is a bit of confusion in this whole definition thing, but there should be no definition regarding what you need.  Ignoring, for a moment, the definitions for a moment, make a detailed list of your specific needs.  Do you need a 1,000 square foot retail lease space, with a small office in the backroom, and perhaps a small storage space as well?  Do you need a 2,000 square foot dual office space with attached warehouse?  Do you need to be located in a prime retail location, or will you do better in a strip mall, or perhaps in a business park?  What are your secondary needs? How much electricity do you need, how much water do you need, and how strong a WiFi signal do you need?  What do you need the zoning to be for your particular business?

Once you have answered those questions, and you know exactly what it is you need, it is time to take the next step in your search.

Take the next step and work with a professional

Pick up the phone and call a respected, successful real estate broker.  It is the only logical approach to this problem.  Real Estate brokers know the area. They know what is available. They understand zoning and real estate leases and a thousand other important pieces of information.

And they can save you countless hours of searching for a commercial property lease on your own.

A word about RDS Real Estate

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