In residential real estate, a loft for rent is an upstairs space where you can live, usually studio in size, often less-expensive that ground-floor.

In industrial and commercial real estate, a loft for rent is an upstairs space where a small business can conduct business affairs.  More often than not the loft for rent is used as a small office i.e. an independent insurance agent, a financial advisor, etc.  It is almost always rented by a small business, and in today’s business world that small business is usually a home-based business which needs to expand into the actual commercial and industrial world.

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The tricky situation about a loft for rent in commercial real estate

Searching for a loft for rent can be a bit misleading, and it can actually limit your search results. This is because of the unique language commercial real estate agents use. A loft for rent is simply an upstairs place for business.  It could just as easily be called an office space to rent, a retail space for lease, or even a studio for rent, depending upon the need for that space and the zoning regulations in that particular area.  In other words, there really is no difference between a loft, an office, a retail shop, or a studio; they all are upstairs and they are usually all rather small by commercial real estate standards.

A commercial real estate agent understands this; a private citizen who owns a small business does not, and knowing it might be the difference between finding the perfect loft for rent and not finding it.

Let’s consider finding a loft for rent in Tarrant County, our backyard, for example.

If you were to come to us looking for a loft for rent in Tarrant County, we would begin by asking you what you will use that loft for.  If you told us you wanted a small office in that loft, we could then begin looking for an office for rent Tarrant County which is a loft by nature.  But we would also do one other thing, something many real estate brokers do not think to do: we would look at small shops for rent which are lofts, small retail shops for rent in lofts, and in general all multi-use properties available which are lofts.  That way we will have scoured the entire area and found all possible matching your needs.

The key is in looking for multi-use properties, properties which can be used for several different activities and, using our example of Tarrant County, the first place we would look would be Box Office Warehouse Suites in the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth.  There lofts for rent can be found starting at 320 square feet in size and $875 per month, perfect for a home-based business with small needs and a small operating budget.

Give us a call if we can be of any assistance.  Again our name is RDS Real Estate, and our number is (817) 439-3224. Contact us today!

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