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Anytime you are talking about finding the best of anything, like the best shop for rent in your area, you are talking about a subjective decision.  We can give you criteria to use in choosing, and we will in this article, but the final decision will be based as much on a gut reaction as it will be upon objective facts and figures.

Still, some criteria are important to use as guides, and it is those criteria we will discuss today.  We are RDS Real Estate, serving the fine people of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, with distinction, for many years now. Call us at 817-439-3224 if you are looking for a shop space for rent in the Fort Worth area.

We promised you some criteria, and here they are.  And for the purpose of this article, we are referring to a shop for rent as a retail space for rent, and not some workshop for mechanics or woodworkers.

Here are the criteria we will be discussing in this article:

  • Location
  • Favorable lease
  • Room to grow
  • Proper zoning
  • Price
  • Listen to your inner voice

Let’s look at each in more detail.

Location of the commercial property for rent

A good location for a bicycle shop may not be a good location for a beauty shop.  That may seem like an obvious statement, but you would be amazed by the number of clients we deal with who do not consider the importance of location related to the nature of their particular business.

Is it important that your business have good drive-by traffic, or good walk-in traffic?  If it important that it be located nearby a related business, like a pawn shop near a bail-bondsman? The old saying “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” does not always apply when choosing a permanent home for your particular retail shop.

Favorable lease on a shop for rent

There are various kinds of commercial leases, and most leases are negotiable. Do you know about the different kinds of leases? Do you know how to negotiate the best deal possible?  Our suggestion: get yourself a good commercial real estate broker who will work closely with you to find the absolute best deal on retail lease space for your business.

Room to grow in the shop for rent

Success can harm a business!  How?  You can outgrow your retail location and have to move your successful business two, three, or four years in the future, and moving a business is a bad retail strategy.  Plan for the future.  Rent slightly larger than you need at this moment. We know, this strategy will cost a bit more as your business grows, but it will save you in the long run by allowing you to keep your business in one spot for years to come.

Proper zoning for your particular business

This is such a simple thing; it’s amazing how many business owners don’t check the zoning to make sure that a shop for rent is in an area which allows them to sell whatever it is they are selling.  Do your homework and make sure the zoning is right for you.

Price of the shop for rent

Yes, price is important and yes, all business owners must pay attention to their operating budgets.  We realize that, but we are also saying paying an extra hundred dollars per month might be worth it if the location is perfect for your business. We are simply saying this: don’t allow price to be the only determining factor.  A great location can gain you far more than an extra hundred in rent.

Your inner voice

And this, really, is the bottom line: you need to pay attention to that little voice in your head.  Only you, the business owner, knows what is right for your particular business. We can give you guidelines and industry tips, but that final decision is yours, and that inner voice is worth listening to.

A final word about RDS Real Estate

Locally owned and operated, RDS Real Estate is a trusted name in industrial and commercial property for rent in the Fort Worth area. Call us, tell us what you need, tell us what you can afford, and put us to work for you.