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Looking for an office warehouse for rent?

If you are not familiar with commercial property for rent, or industrial space for rent, you might believe that all properties are the same i.e. with the same features, same amenities, etc. This is simply not the case and thus the reason why you should continue reading this article.

We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth Metro area with affordable industrial property for lease and commercial property for lease. Call us at 817-439-3224 and talk to our leasing agent. Tell us what you need, tell us your rental budget, and then turn us loose to do what we do better than any other real estate brokerage firm in Fort Worth.

What do you need an office warehouse for rent for?

The nature of your company will determine, to a certain extent, what you will need in an office warehouse for rent.  Example: if the warehouse is going to be used simply to store product, that’s one thing; if the warehouse will be used as an active part of the operation of your business, as in a distribution center, that is altogether a different matter.

So, Step #1 involves sitting down, writing out the exact nature of your needs, thus narrowing the list of properties you will need to tour once you have a brokerage firm you want to deal with.

Your specific needs.

Not all office warehouse for rent properties are the same.  Most will have, obviously, a small office and, of course, a warehouse attached to the office.  Will you need a restroom? Will you need a loading dock?  Bay doors? How many bay doors? How large a parking lot will you need? Do you need easy access, as in a few minutes, to major arterials?  Do you need the warehouse to be heated? How about a refrigeration unit? Forced air? How large an office? Will you need to display goods in that office area/reception area?  Internet access: as you know, not all areas have outstanding WiFi. And will you have any problems getting the amount of utilities you will need for your business?

Once you answer all of those questions, you will be armed with enough information so you can choose a real estate broker, thus narrowing your search and simplifying the process.

Rent for now and the future.

One last thing to consider, something many business owners do not consider: are you planning for future growth when estimating the amount of room you will need? The absolute last thing you need is to move into a property, only to have that property inadequate in two or three years due to company growth.  Yes, this will mean renting a property slightly larger than what you were planning on renting and yes, this means slightly larger lease payments, but it will save you a ton of headaches a few years down the road.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, and we have properties in Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson County to look at.  In particular, we are eager to show you 917 Industrial Park and the very popular Fort Worth Design District. Call us today and let’s find you that office warehouse for rent you really need.