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A studio for rent in Fort Worth is like the Holy Grail in commercial real estate lately, what with the seesawing recession/inflation action of the U.S. economy.  Studios are small, relatively affordable, and quite often unique in design, and that makes them pretty darned rare on the market.  In this article, we are going to tell you what to look for and where to find it in the Greater Fort Worth area.

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What is a studio for rent?

The term “studio for rent” refers to a property which is almost always one large room, and in that room you will find a condensed version of a traditional “apartment.” If the studio for rent is to be used as a residence it will have a kitchen area, sleeping area, living area, all in one large open space, with the rest room generally portioned off in a separate space.

If the property is for a business, it might not fit the description above.  For example, an artist or sculptor or photographer may used a studio as a place to not only work on their craft but also display works for the public. In this case, most likely there will not be sleeping or kitchen areas, but rather a reception area of some sort, for the greeting of customers, and a work area where the “art” end of the business is performed.

All of that aside, the main point, from a dollars and cents standpoint, is the fact that a studio is smaller and thus less expensive. And, we might add, finding a studio for rent in Fort Worth is akin to finding a four-leaf clover with blurry vision.  Most attractive and affordable properties, in Fort Worth, are taken and locked up for a long time to come.

What do you need it for?

Your first step is to determine exactly what you need that studio for, and is the area zoned for the usage you are planning.  Make a list of everything you need that property to be and establish a budget you need to stick to.  Once you start looking at properties, look with a discerning eye, picturing you and your needs in that space.  And, also, keep in mind the location.  If you are operating a business, you will need good access and ample parking; if it is to live in you will need the kind of neighborhood atmosphere you desire.

Once you find it, lock in for a long period of time.

Again, keep in mind, studios are hard to find, so once you find one which meets your needs, one you can afford, sit down and arrange the best leasing terms you can.  If it makes you more comfortable, have a lawyer take a look at the lease terms so you are comfortable once signing occurs.

Remember, prices are not going to lower in the coming years. Fort Worth is the second fastest growing major city in the U.S., so prime real estate will be at a premium, and that means prices will rise as we move towards 2030.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

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