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It occurs to us, even after all of these years in the business, that there are some people who do not know what industrial space, or industrial property for lease, means?

We need to rectify that situation right now. We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with quality, and affordable, industrial space and commercial property for rent. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information and to arrange, with our leasing agent, to see a sampling of our properties.

What is industrial space?

Industrial Real Estate can be broadly defined as all land and buildings which accommodate industrial activities including production, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, research, storage, and distribution.

There are specific areas in each city designated to industrial properties shown on a zoning map, which describe where these spaces can be constructed and operate, so that the activity on these sites does not disrupt businesses or residencies that might have otherwise been adjacently placed.

What types of properties are included in that category?

Again, keeping the aforementioned definition in mind, industrial space can be a warehouse for rent, an office warehouse for rent, a shop for rent, garage for rent, or any combination of those designations.  The building is not necessarily important in this definition but rather the activity which takes place in the building.  Having said that, with a little creative alteration, an industrial space could be retrofitted and become commercial space (property used for the sale of goods and services).

There are also companies which combine both commercial and industrial business, thus further confusing the situation and definition.  The best we can do in trying to define industrial space is to use the qualifier “generally” when describing what industrial space is used or.

What to expect when looking for industrial property for lease?

Because industrial space is used mostly for distribution, assembly, manufacturing, or storage, you can generally expect those properties to be nondescript in nature, with practical trumping style.  Thus, as you drive by industrial park after industrial park, across this country, you will see rectangular buildings with large working space within and large parking lots outside. There are almost always loading docks and a small office included.

What you can also expect, from traditional industrial property, is a general feeling of largeness.  Most of the current industrial properties were built in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, catering to large corporations with large needs.  The smaller companies fought over the very few small properties available to them.

That trend is shifting quickly. Today, the emphasis is on medium-to-small, as evidenced by a new industrial park in South Fort Worth, 917 Industrial Park, built specifically for small companies, with properties ranging in size from 1200 square feet to 16,000 square feet, considerably smaller than traditional industrial properties.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, with over three million square feet of commercial and industrial properties for lease. Call us today, tell us what you need, and chances are excellent we will have options for you to look at that same day.  We do Fort Worth and we do it well.