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Anyone looking for a warehouse for rent will need to read this article.  It is that important to your future business activities.

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But, first, let’s talk about certificates of occupancy.

Why do you need a warehouse for rent?

Truthfully, a warehouse for rent is one of the most innocuous buildings known to modern civilization.  At its core it is simply four walls, a cement floor, and a roof, and within that warehouse you will find distribution of goods, production of goods, manufacturing, assembling, and storage.

Other than the four walls, floor, and ceiling, all that is needed is a loading dock of some sort, and a small office where business matters can be conducted. Warehouses come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and they house a wide variety of businesses.

It all sounds so simple; the problems arise with the intended use of that structure.

Beware of local statutes and zoning.

We are going to say this in the nicest way possible. There is a huge variance in the way one governing body sees a property as opposed to how another governing body views the same body.  Local zoning laws, local ordinances, local statutes, these legal roadblocks can greatly determine what kind of business is allowed in any building within the governing territory of that governing body.

In other words, the warehouse is not the important factor, but rather what that warehouse will be used for, and what the daily business of a company looks like.

Let’s just toss out an example.  Let’s say a warehouse for rent has been built in close proximity to a rest home. The residents of the rest home would be greatly inconvenienced by loud activities coming from that warehouse.  With that in mind, the type of business which can rent that warehouse might be severely limited in scope of activity.

What is a certificate of occupancy?

For a building or structure to be occupied, or a change in use/occupancy is to be made to an existing building, it must first be issued a Certificate of Occupancy. A Certificate of Occupancy is the final step to ensure a building is safe to occupy.

When work on a building or structure requires a permit, it goes through plan review and inspections. Afterwards when the project has been completed and the building is safe to occupy, a Certificate of Occupancy shall be issued to the building or portion thereof.

Therefore, it is unlawful to occupy a building unless a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. The Certificate of Occupancy is used as a tool to help regulate and control the specific use and occupancy of buildings and structures within a jurisdiction to ensure safety and compliance with the code.

All of this is to say that if you can find a property which is outside the city limits, then the city ordinance/planning commission has no jurisdiction, and that means no certificate of occupancy is required . . . and that means much greater freedom in determining what kind of activity can be conducted in said property.

In the general Fort Worth area, a business park like 917 Industrial Park, outside the city limits of Alvarado, is the perfect answer.  No certificate required, pretty much complete freedom in what kind of business you conduct, very little holding a company back, and that is always a good thing.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

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