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When we have discussions about a garage for rent with our customers, we always have to differentiate between the two types of garages: are we talking about a garage for your car, or are we talking about a garage where your car repair business can conduct business.  With that in mind, we will take a look at both options in this article.

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Now, let’s talk about garage for rent properties and what you can expect to pay for one.

Garage for rent for your car

This is the easy need to satisfy, and the least-expensive.  A space for your car needs to be approximately 10’x10’ in size.  You could probably get away with something just a bit smaller, but why cramp yourself if you don’t need to.

Our suggestion, which flies in the face of our business, is to rent a storage unit and use that mini storage for a garage.  You can rent a storage unit for about $100 per month, and your vehicle will be perfectly safe.  Places like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage offer very secure self storage, and climate controlled storage should you want it, and the monthly prices are very reasonable.

If, however, you want something in the industrial sector, we know of a small unit, about 320 square feet, for $875 per month at Box Office Warehouse Suites in North Fort Worth. This would be a perfect size for your vehicle plus whatever tools and machinery you might need for that vehicle.

Garage for rent for your car repair business

A car repair business is a whole different animal when talking about industrial property for lease.  If you specifically need an industrial property which already has a well and a car lift, then you can expect to pay somewhere in the $2000 per month neighborhood.  If you only run a car detail shop, or a car paint shop, then you can probably settle for a small warehouse, something like what we mentioned at Box Office Warehouse Suites, or a small warehouse at Golden Triangle Business Park in the $1500-$2000 per month price range.

Is the time right to take on this kind of financial obligation?

We hear this question quite often lately, thanks to the state of the COVID economy.  Is now a good time to rent industrial space?  Will prices drop in six months?  A year?

We know this sounds self-serving, we being a commercial real estate company, but we think this is a great time to find great deals for rental properties. The pandemic gutted the real estate industry, leaving many cities with hundreds of empty industrial buildings in need of a renter.  If you are patient, and if you negotiate for the best price, we think there are great opportunities waiting for you.  We have no idea what things will look like in 2022, but as 2021 comes to a close, the time is ripe for great rental deals.

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