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Are you looking for an inexpensive industrial space, like a warehouse for rent? A shop for rent on a tight budget?  A garage for rent without much in the way of working capital?  If so, this article is for you.

We are RDS Real Estate, a locally owned and operated firm in Fort Worth, Texas, and we have some ideas which, at first may seem a bit bizarre but, on closer inspection, you will find to be affordable and quite useful. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more ideas and, if you are in the Fort Worth area, call us to tour one of the hundreds of commercial and industrial properties for lease we have.

Now, let’s talk about creative industrial space.

Share industrial space and save

This is an idea never heard of twenty years ago. Today it is quite common in cities across the United States. With the great influx of small businesses, and home-based businesses, it is an idea which will only grow in popularity in the years to come.

Share a warehouse for rent, or an office warehouse for rent, with another small company.  You share the office space, you divide the warehouse into two sections, and you share the loading dock, while at the same time dividing the operating costs, overhead, and monthly rental fee.  Suddenly, a $1000 per month warehouse, or a $2000 per month office warehouse, is affordable.  If you belong to various business organizations in your city, it will not take you long to find another business willing to split the space and split the cost.

Look to a storage facility for an inexpensive answer

It’s amazing how many small business owners do not think of this solution to warehouse space. Rent a large storage unit, in the 20’x30’ size, 600 square feet, for about $300 per month. The storage unit will make a perfect small warehouse for a small business and, provided it is accessible during your business hours, will easily fit into the budget of most small businesses and home-based businesses.  As long as you are not storing perishables, a storage unit is a very viable solution.

A storage unit is also a great alternative for those looking for a small shop for rent or garage for rent.  Many small business owners use storage units to conduct production work.  Again, for $300 per month, it is very hard to argue with the price of this creative space solution.

Get totally creative and look in the public sector for your solution

Look around with creative vision.  Look at local farms with empty outbuildings. Look at local churches which may have an outbuilding not being used, a church in need of an infusion of monthly cash.  If you are a small business owner, and you only need a few hundred square feet of storage space to serve as a warehouse, it will not take you look to find an empty building in need of a monthly tenant.

Our final word to you about creative industrial space ideas: it is a new world of business and industry. The pandemic has totally shifted the industrial landscape, calling for creative solutions for age-old problems.  The creative business owners willing to think outside the box will flourish in the business world of 2022 and beyond.

A word about RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, serving the fine people of Fort Worth, Texas. Call us for more creative solutions, and arrange for a tour of one of our many industrial property for rent offerings.