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One thing we hear often in our line of work is the fact that most small businesses cannot afford to pay the high leasing fees for a warehouse for rent.  The need is there but the budget is not, and considering the fact that small businesses are increasing in number and are, in fact, increasing in market share, this is a problem which needs to be addressed.

Which is what we are going to do in this article.  Today we will offer you three money-saving options when looking for a warehouse for rent in your city.  Two of these options are available to anyone in any city; the third is fairly unique to Fort Worth, our home town, but may also be available in your city.

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Now, though, let’s talk about saving you money.

Rent a self-storage unit

If you are a small business owner, looking for a small warehouse for rent, this might be an option worth considering. Self-storage units come in a variety of sizes, starting at 5’x5’ and ranging all the way to 20’30’, or 600 square feet.  That is a decent-sized warehouse for a small business, and the cost of such a self-storage unit will most likely be in the $300 per month range.  Compare that to a traditional warehouse for rent in a traditional business park, and it is a very viable and attractive option.  Traditionally, warehouses are a couple-thousand square feet in size, leasing for a couple-thousand dollars per month . . . at least . . . far beyond the needs and budget of a small business.  This is a non-traditional solution which is affordable.  True, you would not have easy access for deliveries and shipments, but purely as a storage solution, this is attractive.

Share a warehouse for rent

Going back to the traditional warehouse for rent, which is too large and too expensive for a small business, it is now becoming fairly common practice for two or more small businesses to share a traditional warehouse for rent, or office warehouse for rent.  A 3000 square foot warehouse, split three ways, is doable.  A $3000 per month lease split three ways is also doable, and this option allows you to receive deliveries and conduct shipping from the loading docks of a traditional warehouse.

Look for creative solution like a shipping container

The third option can be found at Box Office Warehouse Suites in the Fort Worth Design District.  There you will find a business park made up entirely from refurbished shipping containers.   There you can find a warehouse for rent, 320 square feet in size, for only $875 per month.  Are there similar business parks where you do business? Perhaps . . . perhaps not . . . but it is certainly possible for you to purchase a shipping container, or lease one, in most cities, and that might just be the warehouse solution you were looking for.

A word about RDS Real Estate

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