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The economy of 2021-2022 is an uncertain one.  The landscape of American business and industry has shifted, and no one can definitely say what the new normal is. With that in mind, we have three creative ideas for those thinking of leasing office space, but lacking the funds to lease a traditional office space for lease.

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And now, let’s get creative!

Share office space with another business

At first, this might seem a bit bizarre, but trust us when we tell you that quite a few small businesses, with small working budgets are giving this some serious thought.  We know of several of our clients in Fort Worth who are sharing a traditional office space for rent with another small business, and why not? Simply share a receptionist, partition off two separate offices, if necessary, and you have two businesses in one traditional office, each paying for half the rent and half the utilities.  If you are looking to rent office space on the cheap, this is a great idea.

Take a traditional office for rent, leasing at $1500 per months, with utilities totaling another $500 per months.  Split that with another small company and you are paying $1000 per month instead of $2000.  Who wouldn’t find that an attractive alternative?

Give coworking space some thought for leasing office space

Coworking space . . . renting an individual office, or an office space, by the month instead of by the year, sharing common spaces, like the lunch room, with others who are there renting private offices . . . coworking space is sweeping the nation as the newest, and most creative, solution to office space for rent at a low, low price.  In Fort Worth, at Paddock Place Office Suites, we know of coworking space which starts at $450 per month, utilities included, with no long-term commitment.

Feeling really creative? How about a storage unit?

If all you need for office space is a place to put your desk and conduct business, and not meet with customers, then why not put a desk in a storage unit. Add a filing cabinet, plug in your computer, and you have an office.  A 10’x10’ storage unit will cost you about $100 per month.  Try to find a traditional office for that price.

In Fort Worth, go small at Box Office Warehouse Suites

For those with a slightly larger working budget in Fort Worth, we suggest Box Office Warehouse Suites, where an office space for rent, 320 square feet in size, can be rented for $875 per month, far below the price of an office for rent in downtown Fort Worth.  Many of these units have a balcony; many have a patio; all are first-class and located in a thriving business park in North Fort Worth.

A word about RDS Real Estate

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