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It’s been a strange, past few years in the industrial space market in the United States. There are subtle shifts at work in the market, shifts which began five, ten years ago, but which were magnified during the COVID years.  These shifts are neither good, nor bad, they just are, and those in business would do well to understand those shifts and turn them into a positive experience.

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Now, about those shifts in the changing industrial space market.

Large industrial space is still around but . . .

There will always be large corporations looking for a massive warehouse for rent, or other industrial space in a grand scale.  We have such properties at our Golden Triangle Business Park, properties capable of handling the needs of Fortune 500 companies.  But, what we are also seeing in the past few years is smaller companies looking to share large spaces.  The owners of those companies, with much smaller budgets, are teaming up with two or three other small companies, and they are looking for spaces which can be partitioned off into two or three separate warehouses or shops.

We are also seeing the rise of flex space, lightly-zoned buildings which have a combination of warehouse/storage and office/retail uses.  The traditional warehouse is slowly fading, and the new concept of flex space is gaining traction.

Embrace the small industrial space

As more and more small businesses appear, single-owner businesses, home-based businesses, we are seeing a need for much smaller industrial property for lease. That is why we constructed Box Office Warehouse Suites in the Fort Worth Design District, industrial spaces which measure 320 square feet, but which can be connected if larger space is needed in the future. Using the genius of container architecture, we have found a truly unique way of meeting the needs of those small businesses, small industrial space which is not excessive in cost and which feels small and comfortable to the owners.

Flexibility is always an advantage

If we were asked to put a bow on this discussion, to sum it up in a few words, we would say that flexibility is the key to industrial space in 2022 and beyond.  Flexibility in design and flexibility in zoning laws allows the business owners of today to have industrial space for lease which meets their unique needs.  What worked twenty, thirty years ago will only work for a very small percentage of businesses in today’s world. At RDS Real Estate, we think it is just good business practice to plant our feet firmly in the today, and leave the yesterday to historians.

A word about RDS Real Estate

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