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Rent Office Warehouse in Fort Worth

Rent Warehouse Space In Haslet Or Blue Mound And Catch The Wave Of The Future

Why is northern Tarrant County the place to rent warehouse space?

Fort Worth still likes to call itself Cowtown, but its days of being a dusty, rural county seat are long gone. Tarrant County has become urbanized, with an estimated population of more than 1.75 million, and the Census Bureau says it’s only going to get more crowded between now and 2030.

Even in Texas, where the land stretches as far as the eye can see, you can run out of real estate eventually. At 863 square miles, Tarrant County is beginning to look a bit crowded. And developers—including some of the biggest names in the real estate business—have begun to look to the north of downtown Fort Worth, along Interstate 35W. Warehouse for sale in Arlington, Warehouse for sale in Dallas, warehouse for rent in Dallas, warehouse for rent in Fort Worth, Tarrant County office warehouse

The pastures that once lined the road have been disappearing, and in their place you find:

  • Alliance Airport, a transportation hub designed with business in mind.
  • Texas Motor Speedway, where hundreds of thousands of people gather to watch NASCAR races twice a year.
  • And houses—thousands of houses, along with the stores and shops catering to the people who live in those houses.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to bring the goods as close as possible to your potential market—and close to air, road and rail links—then it simply makes sense to rent warehouse space in Haslet, Blue Mound or the north Fort Worth area!

Find Your Warehouse Space—And Your Business Opportunity—In Haslet, Blue Mound and north Ft. Worth

If you’re looking to go into business for yourself, North Texas is a great place to start—and there are few places in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex better than Northwest Tarrant County. RDS Real Estate has a variety of properties available for commercial lease, including office warehouse space, in Haslet, the Blue Mound area and north Fort Worth. Put yourself in the right position to ride the growth wave—contact RDS Real Estate today and let them help you find an office warehouse for rent in Tarrant County today!

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