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When Renting A Home Is The Answer

We’ve been told for years that owning a home is more than just the American dream—it’s a great idea, a way to build equity. That was before home prices started to fall. Now, there are literally millions of homeowners across the United States who are ruing the day they bought their home.

Many of them are “underwater”—a term that doesn’t convey the despair that comes from knowing that you owe more on your house than it’s worth. And in markets where home prices truly dived, it’s going to take years—in some cases decades—for the person who owns the home today to have any equity in it at all.

So now that it’s no longer common knowledge that owning a home is the best idea to build your financial worth, why buy at all? There are still plenty of reasons to own your own home, but there are also plenty of reasons to consider renting:

  • The property tax bill that no longer arrives in the mail.
  • The appliances you no longer have to replace.
  • The household repairs that are no longer your responsibility.

Add to that the fact that the housing implosion has left a glut of homes for rent—including brand new homes for rent—and it’s easy to find the kind of house you want without the responsibility and costs of ownership.

Where To Look in Dallas Fort Worth For The House You Want

There are a variety of Web sites that can direct you to the house you’re looking for in Dallas County, Tarrant County and other parts of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex:

You can localize your search to the areas you’re interested in, such as Arlington, Haslet or the Blue Mound area. Just plug in your search criteria and watch out—there’s a lot to look at, and a lot to like!

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