Commercial Property For RentRDS Real Estate can help you find an office warehouse in Fort Worth which is perfect for your business.

To rent office space for the present time is all fine and good, but an eye must be trained on the future as well because, well, the goal of any business is to grow, is it not? And growth means a need to more space, which means a larger office, and, well, we can help you. We are RDS Real Estate, serving the greater Fort Worth area. Call us at (817) 439-3224 for more information and assistance in finding commercial property for rent in Fort Worth or Tarrant County.

Office space for rent with room to grow!

Since office space for rent is priced by the square foot, this is thin ice most business owners are walking over when they first lease commercial property.  The budget allows for a certain amount for leasing office space, but does the budget have enough to for space not needed now but possibly needed in the future? An extra 300 square feet can be costly, and that cost must be absorbed by the company, a company which may not have the business base, at that moment, to absorb the extra cost.

Still, growth will hopefully happen, and you sure don’t want to move into a new office in two or three years.  Call us and we will help you muddle through these decisions, or email us at for more help.

And what else will you need when your business grows?

Will you need extra storage space?  Perhaps you will then need an office warehouse for rent instead of just an office for lease.  Or will you need a certain amount of outside storage, or possibly an outside garage for rent to go with the office space for rent?

A perfect commercial property for rent solution is available in Fort Worth.

Actually, the perfect commercial property for rent solution can be found in unincorporated North Fort Worth, in a business park called Box Office Warehouse Suites in the Fort Worth Design District.  Box Office Warehouse Suites is a business park made entirely from shipping containers. With shipping container construction, you rent what you need with regards to square footage, and if you need more, another shipping container is added.  In the wink of an eye, a 320 square foot office for rent will then become a 640 square foot office for rent, or an office warehouse for rent.  And the change can happen within a few weeks since containers are so easy to connect and retrofit to meet any need.

You can take a drone tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites on YouTube if you like.  Get a feel for its funky vibes and truly unique atmosphere.

And next door to Box Office Warehouse Suites is a slightly more conventional office space to rent building called Paddock Place Office Suites, office space for rent made from a converted horse barn.

So options exist in North Fort Worth, and in unincorporated Fort Worth you are not required to obtain a certificate of occupancy, which means considerably less governmental interference and red tape.

Give us a call. We would love to help you find office space for lease in Fort Worth or anywhere in Tarrant County.  We are RDS Real Estate and meeting your needs is what we do.