Real Estate TrendsSmall warehouse for rent in Fort Worth area perfect for small business

Finding shop space for rent for small businesses is not as easy as it sounds.  It is our experience that an experienced  commercial real estate company is needed to help you match your needs to available commercial property for rent.  In the Fort Worth area, that company is RDS Real Estate. Call us at (817) 439-3224 if you need any help navigating the commercial waters of the Greater Fort Worth area.

Why is shop space for small businesses so hard to find?

As you might suspect, the answer to that question is money.  Most commercial property for rent, and industrial property for rent, is built according to standard sizes and shapes.  It is done that way to save in costs. Standards lengths of lumber cost less than not-standard lengths. Consequently, most shops for rent in today’s world and in modern business parks are always the same size and shape.

Not good news for small businesses which most likely do not need a shop for rent over 1,000 square feet in size.

Contact us at and we can help.

Where do you find small shops for rent in the Fort Worth area?

There is good news for small business owners in the Fort Worth area, and that good news is called Box Office Warehouse Suites, a business park in unincorporated North Fort Worth build entirely for small businesses.  Box Office Warehouse Suites is built entirely from shipping containers, and that means every base unit is 320 square feet in size, a perfect size for a shop space for rent for a small business or a home-based business looking to expand. At Box Office Warehouse Suites you get exactly what you want and need.  You start out with an empty shell, and that empty shell can be configured in any way you want. And rent shop begins at $875 per month, an unheard of rental fee for a brand new shop space for rent.

Take the drone tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites on YouTube, and then all the number above and arrange for a tour with one of our agents.

But maybe shipping container construction is not your thing.

Maybe you want more traditional industrial property for rent in Fort Worth.

No problem!  RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, and controls over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial properties for rent, most of which are specifically for small businesses.  We have shop space for rent in Mansfield,  shops for rent in Grapevine; we have traditional shops for rent in Arlington and we have shops for rent in the funky Box Office Warehouse Suites.  Look at it this way: one-million square feet of industrial property for rent, if set side-by-side, would stretch something like twenty-four miles. Chances are we can find a shop for rent amongst all that which will fit your needs.

The name is RDS Real Estate. The phone number is (817) 439-3224.  Our email is  We are standing by to find the shop space you need for now and for the future.  Making companies happy is our main job, and we do it well.