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This article, about renting industrial space, is going to save you a whole lot of grief and angst in about five years.  It may cost you a bit more upfront, but down the road you’ll be happy you read this tip about renting industrial property for lease

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The problem

Anyone looking for industrial property for rent has a plan. They know how much industrial space they need. They know if they need roll-up doors or not. They know if they need a loading dock.  They know how much parking they need.  The problem arises from the fact that all of these “estimates” and needs are based on business volume THAT day and not into the future.

What is the #1 goal of any business?  To grow and profit, correct?  What you should be asking yourselves is this: what will my volume be in five years? What are my projected sales? And then the next question is the key to this whole article: how much industrial space will I need if my projected sales are accurate?

Welcome to the biggest mistake made by people looking for industrial space for lease or commercial property for rent: they don’t plan for future growth!

The problem, then, should become obvious: if your projections are solid, you will have to find larger industrial space in five years, and how would that make you feel?  Moving your business twice in five years is not an appealing thought, and it is not good for business.  Location stability is good for business; moving twice in five years is not a good signal to anyone, and it is an expensive mistake to make.

The solution

The solution, then, in theory is simple: plan for growth and lease industrial space with larger volume in mind.  In other words, plan for the future.  If your current sales call for a warehouse for rent of approximately 2,000 square feet, but your projected sales call for double that space, your best move, the logical move, is to rent a 4,000 square foot warehouse NOW rather than in five years.

Of course, this raises a separate problem: can you afford twice the space?

How you can afford the solution

We think you can afford it if you shop wisely.  Remember, the price of industrial real estate is all about location.  Look for an area, in your city, which is projected to experience growth in the near future.  Skip the areas which are highly-sought after now; look for properties which will be highly-sought after in a couple years. In the Fort Worth area, that future hot spot is the Alliance Area in North Fort Worth, currently projected to be the hottest real estate spot in the state in five years.  An area like the Fort Worth Design District would be the wise investment in Tarrant County if one were looking for great values.

Do the same in your city and win in the future.

A word about RDS Real Estate

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