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Shopping for a commercial loft for rent is a bit different than shopping for a loft for rent to live in. There are several considerations which you need to be aware of as you go about your search, and that’s the purpose of this article.

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Here, then, are some of the key points to consider when shopping for a commercial loft for rent.

Commercial is different than residential

Traditionally, a residential loft has been a large, open space, usually above a business, in a downtown area. This is not necessarily true of a commercial loft for rent.  Lofts for businesses are now popping up all over the business landscape, which means a great number of options for the discerning business person looking for something a bit different from the norm.

Commercial means zoning considerations. Make sure the loft you are renting is zoned for your business activity. Also make sure that the access to that loft is not a problem. There will be products to deliver. There will be clients to entertain.  A loft means upstairs by its very nature, and upstairs can be a problem if access is difficult.  There is a romanticized notion about working out of a loft, and it is justified, but you must also be aware of the inherent problems in renting a loft.

Buy the size you need but plan for growth

There is nothing more troublesome or annoying than renting commercial or industrial space for rent only to outgrow that space in a matter of a year or two, necessitating another move.  Our suggestion: look at the projected growth of your business, and determine the space you will need in five years if that growth occurs.

How active is the neighborhood?

Commercial property for rent is useless if you are in a commercial desert.  You need business activity in the area you are renting.  No man is an island, and no business should be on a commercial island.

What do the utilities cost?

This is a no-brainer, but it bears discussion. What do utilities cost? What does WiFi cost, and is it available in a particular area?  If there is a power outage, how quickly does the city respond to the area you are renting in?

Are you surrounded by businesses supportive of yours?

Again, no business is an island.  If at all possible, you want your business to be located in an area where related and supportive businesses exist.  A restaurant supply business should be located near restaurants, that sort of thing. It’s not always possible, but it should be considered.

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