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If leasing office space is in your future, this question of legal aid if one you will want to consider.  In this article we will talk about whether you need a lawyer, the benefits of doing so, and when you probably don’t need to do so.

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Okay, let’s talk about legal representation.

Leasing office space is not quite as simple as you might think.

Do you know what a single net lease is? How about a double net lease? Triple? How about a bondable net lease? Full service gross lease? Modified gross lease? Percentage lease?  If we mentioned the terms “fixed end dates” or “lease options,” would you understand what we are talking about?

Let’s state it a different way.  Leases are legally-binding contracts and, as such, they require a firm understanding of leasing law. Seem like overkill to you? Consider that making a mistake in a lease can cost you tens-of-thousands of dollars over the life of that contract.   Does it still seem like overkill?

What to look for in office space.

This is the easy part of the leasing process.  You know our budget and you know the general shape and size office space to rent that you want.  You will need to know how important the location is for your business; contrary to what many believe, the location of an office, depending upon the nature of your business, can greatly affect the flow of business to your office, so do you know the great locations for your specific business?  Have you planned for your business growing? How much room will you need should you experience ten-percent growth in two years? Three?  And where is the growth trend for your city? In Fort Worth, massive growth is happening in North Fort Worth and South Fort Worth. How about where you work and play?

Do you need a lawyer?

To answer this question, allow us to ask you another question: how much of the information found earlier in this article did you understand? How many of those aforementioned terms are you familiar with?

Will it cost you to utilize a lawyer when leasing office space? Yes, it will, but it will cost you significantly more to enter into a legally binding contract which is harmful to your business.

This may seem like strange advice coming from a commercial real estate company, but our first concern in any transaction is that our clients fully understand what they are signing in a lease.  We make a living by leasing properties, not by cheating customers, so it benefits us when there is complete agreement between our leasing agent and our clients.

Our advice in a nutshell: enlist the services of a good lawyer. Pay now so you don’t have to pay more later.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

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