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We have some suggestions regarding industrial space in Fort Worth, ideas which should be of interest if you are a small business owner.  Things may not be as dire as you may think.

We are RDS Real Estate, leading the way in Fort Worth Metro with outstanding industrial space and commercial property for rent.  Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information and to arrange to view some properties with our leasing agent.

New industrial space in South Fort Worth.

We draw your attention to the South Fort Worth area and, in particular, the Alvarado/Johnson County area, where you will find 917 Industrial Park, an industrial park built specifically for small businesses.  Warehouse for rent, office warehouse for rent, shop for rent, garage for rent, all properties are between 1200-16,000 square feet, all have bay doors, all have a restroom and a small office.  Here is one such property:

4564 JD Mouser Pkwy. #104
Alvarado, Texas 76009

 South Fort Worth 4000 sq. ft industrial space for lease.

  • one 14-foot-tall bay door
  • one office
  • one restroom

917 Industrial Park is located outside the city limits in Johnson County.  A certificate of occupancy is not required.

Great location for those serving Alvarado, Burleson, Mansfield, Rendon, Venus, Midlothian, Venus, Crowley, and surrounding areas.

Small industrial property for rent in North Fort Worth.

Do you want smaller?  How about the properties found at Box Office Warehouse Suites, in the Fort Worth Design District, Alliance Area, North Fort Worth? How about properties starting at 320-square feet? The perfect size for a small shop, small storage space, or small, one-man garage.  How about a warehouse with a loft for rent up above, kickin’ back at the end of the day, watching the sun set.  This is not some figment of our imagination. It exists and we would love to show it to you.

An idea you may have never considered.

Now we are going to toss out an idea  you may have never considered, but we really think it is going to catch on and become a very popular alternative for industrial space.  Two companies we own, Mouser Self Storage and Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, rent small hobby shops/shops/storage warehouses by the month, at prices significantly lower than traditional storage space.  Electricity, lights, great 24/7 access, great location with major access roads . . . if money is an issue, and space is a problem, paying $400 per month sounds much better than paying $2000 or more per month, which is what you would pay for a property of comparable size at some industrial park.

Do you like any of these ideas? We have more and all you need to do is pick up the phone and call RDS Real Estate. Tell us what you need, tell us your budget, and then turn us loose to do what we do best.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated. With over three million square feet of commercial and industrial properties for lease, we are confident we can find what you need. Call us today.