Why would you look for a shop for rent in Johnson County? Why not a Fort Worth shop for rent? After all, that’s where the main population is located, so it stands to reason you would want your shop where the people are, right?

We are going to tell you why that thinking is faulty, and we are also going to tell you about brand-new Johnson County industrial property for rent developed and open for business at 917 Industrial Park, Alvarado, Texas.  We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area including Tarrant County, Johnson County, and Parker County.  For all of your commercial and industrial space needs, call us at 817-439-3224.

Okay, let’s talk about Alvarado industrial space.

Why a Johnson County shop for rent?

This is the question we posed at the beginning of this article, so let’s tackle it first off.

Here is a fact: quality commercial and industrial properties for lease, in the Fort Worth Metro area, are in very short supply, and those that are available are usually so large as to only be of use to very large companies.  If a small business wants a warehouse for rent, office space for rent, garage for rent, any of those, they are left to look outside the Metro area.

Secondly, and you can check with the Planning Commission, or any other governmental group in office in 2023, and they will tell you that future Fort Worth growth is going to happen to the north of the Metro area and to the south of the Metro area. That is where the available land is, that is where new residents are moving, and that is where businesses should be looking for available property.

This explains why we developed the Fort Worth Design District in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, and it explains why we just developed 917 Industrial Park.

Advantages of a shop for rent at 917 Industrial Park.

Consider this truth: Industrial property for rent is priced by the square foot.  Logically, the larger the property, the more you will have to pay in a monthly lease.  This simple fact is the reason why so many small businesses feel left out in the cold in the Fort Worth Metro area.  Most industrial development, in Fort Worth, was done decades ago, back when bigger was better.

917 Industrial Park is all about the small guy, with properties aimed at small businesses, affordable for small businesses, and planted right smack dab in the direction of future growth.

An example?  Feast your eyes on this one:

4568 JD Mouser Pkwy. #108
Alvarado, Texas 76009

 3000 sq. ft. industrial space for rent near Alvarado.

  • Two 14 foot tall bay doors
  • one office
  • one restroom

No Certificate of Occupancy required.

Nearby highways include Hwy 287, Hwy 67, FM 917 and I-35W. Great location for those serving Alvarado, Burleson, Mansfield, Rendon, Venus, Midlothian, Venus, Crowley and surrounding areas.

This property just screams SMALL BUSINESS, and it is one of many available in Alvarado.

Who will these properties appeal to?

The available properties range from 1200 square feet to 26,000 square feet, all with large bay doors, all with warehouse space, all with restrooms, and all with offices.  Many have fenced outside storage, and all have ample parking lots for easy access by delivery trucks.

Who would they appeal to? Any distributor, any manufacturer, any painter, plumber, electrician, landscaper, any repair shop . . . the list is endless, but the common factor to remember is how attractive these properties are for small businesses which cannot afford gigantic properties which cost far too much.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, and we are standing by to put you into the commercial or industrial property you need. Call us at 817-439-3224, and if it’s property to the north you want, ask us about the Fort Worth Design District.