Industrial property for rent in Johnson County has been, in recent years, rather limited and definitely aging.  That has all changed with the addition of over 300,000 square feet of Johnson County commercial and industrial property for lease at 917 Industrial Park, located in Alvarado, Texas.

And we are here to tell you all about it.

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Now, let’s talk about these new properties.

An example of this new industrial property for rent.

917 Industrial Park is located at 4500 JD Mouser Parkway #300, and one property you will find there is  a 1,200 square foot office/warehouse building.  In point of fact, all properties at 917 Industrial Park come with offices and rest rooms, and all include fourteen-foot-high bay doors for easy access loading and unloading.

This is wide-open country, newly developed, with wide space for parking and maneuvering trucks.  Standing at the doorway, you feel the possibilities which await you as you operate your business in a new environment, one which figuratively screams success.

Small enough to be a shop or garage, large enough to warehouse product for a decent-sized business, 4500 JD Mouser Parkway #300 is the future of industrial space.  The large corporations will always be with us, but they are consolidating and dwindling in numbers. The future is about small business, and 917 Industrial Park caters to those businesses, one of the few industrial parks in the Greater Fort Worth/Dallas area which can claim as such.

Industrial property for rent for a variety of businesses.

We are talking HVAC companies, plumbers, electricians, landscaping, roofing, contractors, tractor mowing, suppliers, trucking companies, any company which needs a physical location and a ton of storage space, these properties are for you.

Like all of our holdings, these are all multi-use.

We tell our potential clients to stop thinking inside the box; do not think in terms of a building simply being a warehouse for rent or a shop for rent or a garage for rent.  Think multi-use.  Think flex property.  Since 917 Industrial Park is outside the city limits of Alvarado, no Certificate of Occupancy is needed, meaning much-less government oversight and much more flexibility in zoning, and that is all good news for any business looking for a home address.

Still wondering if you can afford such industrial space? These are open design buildings, easily partitioned off, meaning two or more companies could share one “warehouse” with very little problem.  The partitioning would be a simple task; after that it would simply be a matter of coming to an agreement over the fair allocation of resources.

These are new times in the business world, and new times call for new ideas, and that is what 917 Industrial Park represents, a new idea in commercial and industrial property.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate is a leader in commercial and industrial properties for lease. Call us, tell us what you need, and then turn us loose to find it for you. This is what we do and we do it well.