Industrial Property for RentAlvarado industrial space for rent

Anyone looking for industrial space to rent in the City of Alvarado knows how difficult that task is.  We would venture to guess it has been decades since any new industrial property for lease has been made available in the Alvarado area.

That is all changing, and we will tell you all about a brand-new industrial park being built in the Alvarado area.  We are RDS Real Estate, and we have some great information for you in this article. Call us at 817-439-3224 to arrange for a tour of 917 Industrial Park, Alvarado.

Let’s talk about this great opportunity.

Where is this new industrial space?

The new business park is called 917 Industrial Park, and it is located at 4500-4552 JD Houser Parkway, in Alvarado, right off of Highway 287 and I-35W, a very convenient location for easy access to and from Johnson County.

What types of industrial space will you find at 917 Industrial Park?

You will find over 700,000 square feet of commercial and industrial property for rent, with unit sizes ranging from 1,250 square feet to 20,000 square feet, perfect for a small business, perfect for a medium-to-large business.  All of the amenities you would expect to find at a major industrial park will be available, and units will appeal to anyone looking for the following:

Major advantage of 917 Industrial Park

For anyone familiar with commercial and industrial property in Texas, you are well-aware of a Certificate of Occupancy, governmental regulations and permits which must be navigated before a building can be constructed and used.  Because 917 Industrial Park is in the county, and not within Alvarado City Limits, no Certificate of Occupancy is needed, and that is a huge advantage for all.

What business types will benefit from this new industrial park?

Really, what business types would not benefit from 917 Industrial Park?  We can envision any number of the following taking advantage of this new construction:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Landscaping firms
  • Electrical supply
  • Plumbing supply
  • Swimming pool supply
  • Micro-breweries
  • Wineries
  • Trucking firms
  • Fruit and produce suppliers
  • Grocery wholesalers

Really, anything you can imagine which requires space, you can find at 917 Industrial Park and, because only a small portion of the construction has been completed, small adjustments could be made in the months ahead to match customer needs.

A word about RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is a name well-known in the commercial and industrial world of Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties.  We are locally owned and operated, and we have been involved in some of the major construction projects over the past decade or so.  If a project has anything to do with commercial or industrial property for rent, there is a good chance it has the RDS Real Estate brand on it.  We are also the managing firm behind the Salon & Spa Galleria chain, with twenty locations, and the Fort Worth Design District, a new creative commercial and industrial enclave found in North Fort Worth.

Call us for all of your commercial and industrial property needs.  Our leasing agents are standing by to take care of you.