If the industrial space in Colleyville exists, which meets all of your needs and desires, we can find it for you. We are RDS Real Estate, and industrial real estate in Tarrant County, Texas, is what we do. Call us at (817) 439-3224 and put us to work for you.

The first step to finding industrial space for your business

It begins with a detailed list of your needs.  What is the nature of the industrial property for rent Colleyville you want?  Are you looking for a warehouse for rent Colleyville?  An office warehouse for rent Colleyville?  A shop for rent Colleyville, or perhaps a garage for rent Colleyville?  Perhaps you are looking for a multi-use industrial property for lease Colleyville, one which will serve several purposes; whatever the case may be, we will ask you to write down a detailed list.  We will want to know the size of the property you are looking for. We will want to know the amenities you want. Do you need bay doors? Do you need a loading dock? Do you need special wiring?  Will you need outside storage in addition to a structure?  All of these questions must be answered if we are to do our job properly in finding you the industrial space you want.

The second step in finding you industrial space in Colleyville

We then begin our search.  We will peruse the over one-million square feet of multi-use industrial properties for lease which we have, and also search other available industrial space in Colleyville.  If what you want is there, we will find it.

The third step

If it does not exist in Colleyville we will expand our search.  We will look for industrial space Grapevine. We will look at industrial space Southlake, and industrial space Haltom City.  We will also expand our search to include industrial space Fort Worth because, in this case, and in our opinion, location should not be the Number One determining factor.  Cost should be more important.  Economic activity in a region should be important.  Considering the fact that North Fort Worth is within ten miles of Colleyville is important. Ten miles is nothing if it means finding the perfect industrial space for lease for your business.

And the fourth step

Once we have put together a list of possible properties, we will go take a look at them with you and gauge your reactions to them.  We will go over your wish list and compare it to each property. We will answer your questions. We will discuss your concerns.  If you are happy with one of those properties we will draw up the paperwork.  If you don’t see what you want, the search will continue.

That’s what we do at RDS Real Estate.  We relentlessly go about our search until we find what you want.

Contact us today! We are locally owned and operated, meaning we are neighbors helping neighbors and not some conglomerate firm headquartered in New York or Los Angeles.  We are Tarrant County people helping Tarrant County people, carrying on a tradition as old as Texas.