We can help you in your search for a shop for rent in Colleyville. Contact us at (817) 439-3224 and tell us what you need. We are RDS Real Estate, and matching needs with available industrial property for lease Colleyville is what we do.

Let’s talk about what you want in a shop for rent

We begin the search for a shop for rent with that question: what do you need in a shop space for rent? What kind of wiring for machinery? How much space? Do you need an attached office? Do you need outside storage in addition to that shop for rent?  How much can you afford to pay for a shop space for rent?  Do you want the shop to be in a business park, one of many industrial properties for lease in a grouping, or do you want a stand-alone shop for rent?

These questions become important because Colleyville is not that large a city.  In a city of only 22,000, your options for a shop for rent are few if even existent.  Now what do you do?

It’s time to expand your search-parameters.  It’s time to consider a shop for rent Grapevine, or a shop for rent Southlake.  It might even be time to consider a shop for rent Fort Worth.

Email us at leasing@RDSInvestments.com.  We can simplify your search considerably.

Location of your shop for rent

Why Colleyville? Is there some emotional attachment to Colleyville? Do you live there, and you want your shop space to be close to where you live?  You need a good reason, a very good reason, if you are going to limit your search to Colleyville.  Let’s look at this from a business standpoint.

What kind of business do you own? A shop usually means an electrician, a plumber, an HVAC tech, or some other sort of machinist.  If that is the case, where is the majority of your business?  Certainly not Colleyville? The population is only 22,000, so your business must be coming from some other area outside of Colleyville.  Grapevine? Southlake?  Fort Worth?  Wouldn’t it make sense to have your work shop near your customers?

Here’s our message to you: Colleyville is a great place to live; it just may not be the best place to find shop space for rent.

Where is the best shop space for rent in Tarrant County?

In our opinion, unincorporated North Fort Worth, and specifically the Alliance Area, is the best opportunity for anyone looking for industrial property for rent.  There you will find options. There you will find customers.  And there you will find traffic flow.  Where do you think, business-wise, would be the best location for a shop for rent, in Colleyville or in the fastest growing industrial area in all of Tarrant County/

It’s a simply decision!

About RDS Real Estate

We live and breathe industrial property for rent in Tarrant County. We are locally owned and operated, highly respected, and trusted in the business community.  If there is a shop for rent in Colleyville which matches your needs, we will find it.  If not, we will not rest until we do find it, no matter where it is.