It will take you quite some time looking for industrial space in Grapevine which perfectly matches your needs.  You can find a warehouse for rent Grapevine, a shop for rent Grapevine, or a garage for rent Grapevine.  You can find industrial space for a small business, or you can find industrial property for rent for a large business.  You can pay $1,000 per month, or you can pay $5,000 per month.  There is industrial space with one bay door, two bay doors, or three, and there are industrial properties for lease with loading docks.

We can help! Contact us at (817) 439-3224.  We are RDS Real Estate, and industrial properties are our bread and butter with over one-million square feet in our portfolio.

What is it, exactly, that you want in industrial space?

That’s the first question we will ask you if you call us.  We will ask you for a complete, detailed list of the features you want. Consider it your wish list, and wishes do come true with RDS Real Estate, so let your imagination run wild. We have industrial space for lease in Grapevine.

Where, exactly, do you want this industrial property for rent?

If you are reading this you obviously think you want to be located in Grapevine, but our question to you is this: is Grapevine the perfect location for you? Why?  It may well be, but we would be remiss as real estate professionals if we did not point out equal, or better, locations in Tarrant County.  If we have a warehouse for rent Arlington which meets your needs better than any warehouse for rent Grapevine, wouldn’t you at least want to hear about it? If we have a garage for rent Fort Worth which is better than any garage for rent Grapevine, isn’t it worth at least discussing?

We ask the tough questions, and we ask them because we know the lease you sign will be monumental for the future of your company.  If we find you the perfect industrial space, no matter where it is located, you will be happy and in turn you will tell other businessmen about the job we did for you . . . you win, we win, and life is good!

Your search for industrial property for rent should be . . .

If we were to advise you right here, right now, we would advise that you search for multi-use properties in Tarrant County, and we would also advise you that the best location, at this moment, in Tarrant County, is the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth. This is one of the fastest  growing commercial and industrial areas in all of Texas, showing tremendous growth. We would tell you that now is the time to act, while the Alliance Area is still somewhat of an industry secret, because once the word gets out to the general public, prices will rise and industrial properties for lease will become scarce.

Check out Box Office Warehouse Suites.  Check out the Golden Triangle Business Park.  Both are in the Fort Worth Design District, and both have multi-use industrial space we are sure you will find appealing.

Industrial space in Grapevine? No problem, but contact us and let’s at least discuss other options in Tarrant County.  We owe it to you to give you options which can benefit your business.