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Let’s begin with a simple truth: not all industrial property for rent is the same.

It may seem unnecessary to mention that fact, but you might be amazed how many business owners fail to recognize that fact when they are looking for industrial property for rent for their company.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the variables you can expect to see during your search for industrial space. We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with commercial property for rent and industrial property for rent. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information.

What is industrial property for rent?

Industrial property for lease includes industrial buildings, warehouse spaces, and heavy manufacturing and light assembly facilities.  To generalize the definition, industrial property is property where you store things or manufacture things.  It is not, generally, a place where things are sold, as in retail property for rent, or where services are sold, as in office space for rent.

These properties are generally labeled warehouse for rent, shop for rent, flex space for rent, garage for rent, or office warehouse for rent.

What are the variables one can expect to see?

All right, we have a working definition of industrial space. What, then, are the variables you can expect to find during your search?

Just a partial list of things you might find during a search of industrial space would included:

  • Meeting room
  • Reliable, fast WiFi
  • Large parking lot for deliveries
  • Types of zoning
  • Certificate of Occupancy required?
  • Bay doors
  • Loading docks
  • Security measures
  • Heating/air-conditioning
  • Attached office space

Take a look at this partial list.  Some of the items on this list might seem totally unnecessary to you. After all, if you have your business located in San Diego, is it really necessary to have heating in your warehouse?

The point is, however, these variables, these extras, are all added into the rental price.  You are paying for them if they exist, and we are not fond of paying for things we do not use or need.

Are you paying for something you do not need?

We are talking to owners of small businesses right now, to those who are working on a very tight budget, those who walk a tightrope between solvency and profit every single month. This type of information is crucial to your bottom line.  You simply cannot be paying for things you do not need or do not want.

So, what to do?  If you live in a large city like Fort Worth, where our company is located, you have many options to choose from, and you should be able to find industrial space which has what you need, and not what you don’t need, at a price you can afford.  If, however, you live in a small population area, where options are limited, you may need to sharpen your negotiation skills.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated with over three million square feet of commercial and industrial space. Call us today no matter what you need i.e. warehouse for rent, shop for rent, retail space for rent, or a studio for rent.  We will find it for you at a price you can afford.