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Before you sign a lease agreement and rent commercial property, there is one very important question you need to answer: how does this property benefit my company?  Surprisingly, this is a question rarely asked by business owners looking for commercial property for rent, but it should be the very first question asked.

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The wrong way to rent commercial property.

You might be surprised how many business owners choose a commercial property for rent based on the monthly lease payment.  They know how much they can spend on rent and they narrow their search down to those properties which fit their budget.

On a certain level, this is understandable. Every business owner is concerned with the budget and, perhaps, this is truer of small business owners with a much smaller working budget.  Renting the wrong property at the wrong price could be a death sentence for a small business.

However, regardless of the fixation with budget, this is only part of the story, and an important consideration is being ignored if that is the approach you take.

The right way to approach a transaction.

How will the property benefit your business? This is the question you need to be asking when you rent commercial property .

Commercial property means retail space for lease, or office space for rent, some property where customers will come to your place of business and spend money for your service or product. With that in mind, the need for cash-paying customers, perhaps you would want a property which is in a great location, a location where customers will “flow” past your place of business on a regular basis? A place where there is great traffic flow and outstanding walk-in flow?

Unless you have a truly unique product or service, one which is in great demand, one which has no competition, and one people would be willing to drive out of their way to purchase, you are going to need your business to be in a great location . . . period . . . end of story!

If budget were your only criteria, you could easily find a very inexpensive property, but that property is so far removed from the daily activities of the buying public, it will never be visited.  And that can only mean one thing for your business.


Secondary to the location issue is finding a great location to match the nature of your business. If you sell sports equipment, being near a sports complex might improve sales. If you own a bar and grill, being near the sports complex will benefit you greatly.  These considerations need to be discussed when you rent commercial property, for they will determine the very future of your commercial business.

Look to the future.

One final note: do not make decisions based upon today when renting commercial property.  If your business is as great as you obviously believe it is, and sales explode in a year or two, you will want to have the space to handle that sales explosion.  If you leased a property too small to handle growth, it will mean moving your business in a couple years, and that kind of move may very well harm your business.  Our suggestion, if you can afford it: rent commercial property which is slightly larger than what you currently need. That way you will be prepared when you are experiencing that surge in sales.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

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