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You may think it is an impossible task, finding a small office space for lease for your small business, but let us assure you that you actually have several options available to you.  Read on, find out what they are, and then call us at (817) 439-3224 if you have questions.

The options we are presenting to you exist in Fort Worth, Texas, but we are certain, with a little market research, you will be able to find similar solutions in the city you are doing business in.

Share an office space to rent

This idea stems from a similar approach used with those looking for a warehouse for rent, but who can’t afford the rental fee of a typically large industrial warehouse.  It is not unusual, in Fort Worth, for two or three companies to share the rent on a warehouse. They simply divide the warehouse space into halves, or thirds, pay for half or a third of the monthly rental fee and utilities, and all parties are happy with the arrangement.  The same can be done when you rent office space.  Rent a two-office space, go into it with another company, and you each use one of the offices.  Simple partitioning will take care of any traffic flow problems you might encounter . . . or . . .  you can rent one office space and each business uses it on alternating days.  Get creative and get a solution!

Coworking space

A fairly new idea in commercial real estate is this idea of coworking space.  Using this blueprint for success, a business owner only rents an office space when he/she needs it, for a week or for a month at a time.  To further save money, they share an office with another business.  As you might imagine, this is a huge money-saver as well as being a wonderful incubator for ideas and creative flow.  We use a similar approach at Paddock Place Coworking Space in the Fort Worth Design District, where we rent out shared office spaces by the month with prices starting at $400 per month. We have found this to be a very popular option for home-based business owners looking for a short-term fix, as well as traveling business types looking for a home away from home.

Look for innovative ideas

One such innovative idea we have in Fort Worth is Box Office Warehouse Suites, a business park made entirely from shipping containers. Each office space is 320 square feet in size, starting at $875 per month.  There are units which have attached loft for rent, lofts with balconies, and it is all in a creative business enclave where inspiration flows like water through the Garden of Eden.  In your community, look for the creative and unusually solutions. Check with the Chamber of Commerce for ideas, of contact us and we can kick it around with you.

About RDS Real Estate

We are locally owned and operated with over one-million square feet of commercial property for rent Fort Worth.

Contact us for information and/or questions.  We would love to discuss your needs for a small office space for lease for a small business.  It’s what we specialize in!