Commercial Property For RentThere are risks involved with any industrial property for rent

We might as well draw attention to the 800 pound gorilla in the room right now: there are risks you must be aware of in industrial property for rent.  We know, it’s a strange thing for an industrial property company to say, but we never claimed to be normal. We are RDS Real Estate, working out of Fort Worth, Texas, and what we do claim is to be straightforward and honest when you ask for information.  Call us at (817) 439-3224 and we’ll do our best to answer your questions about industrial space for lease.

Industrial space risks

So let’s get to it. What are the risks associated with leasing industrial space?  The most obvious one has to do with reputation and reliability.  Can you trust your leasing agent and his/her real estate company?  Our advice: ask around! Ask other business owners who are leasing industrial property. Ask them about their leasing company and if they have any problems with that company. Word of mouth is the best advertising, for both good,  and bad, information about any company.  At RDS Real Estate we encourage this sort of scrutiny. We are locally owned and operated, so it behooves us to be as honest as is humanly possible.  There are no fine-print secrets to worry about with our contracts. We encourage our clients to have the contracts checked by a real estate lawyer.  That is the kind of openness you need in an industrial real estate agent/broker, so ask around and find a great reputation.

The next risk is related to you

Are you ready for some introspection?  How accurate is your operating budget?  Have you accounted for all factors in that budget? We ask this because leasing industrial space is a costly undertaking, and you must be able to afford it without concerns.  So, how accurate is your operating budget, and how realistic are your sales projections?  Quite honestly, this is a game-changer, and it falls upon your business shoulders.

What does the future look like for you?

Talk about a tough question, but it is one which must be answered.  What is the economic outlook for your business and your community? That monthly lease payment must be paid; is your business likely to be healthy in two years? In five years?  In ten?

Can you handle the incidentals?

Remember that the lease if not the only expense associated with renting industrial property.   You have added expenses like office equipment, warehouse equipment, etc.  Can your budget handle these incidental expenses?

About RDS Real Estate

Our goal is not to frighten you.  Our goal is to give you the information you need to make an informed decision. We have seen far too many business owners fail because of a lack of information or a lack of self-honesty. We don’t want it happening to you.

RDS Real Estate has over one-million square feet of commercial and industrial properties for lease in and around Fort Worth, Texas.  Whatever it is you want, we have dealt with it. Whatever it is you need to know about industrial property,  we know it.

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