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Before you rush out to look for a studio for rent, we have a short checklist to consider.  We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and we have commercial and industrial property for rent to serve any need. Call us at 817-439-3224 and tell us what you need.

Now, let’s look at five features to look for in a studio for rent.

The definition of a studio for rent

Let’s start off with a quick definition of a studio for rent, just to make sure we are all on the same wavelength. A studio for rent is defined living quarters which are all in one room, generally a living room, bedroom, and kitchen are all in a large, open space, and the bathroom is the only small room with a door on it. There are also artist studios, or photography studios, but these are designed with the same utilitarian concept in mind.  Most studios are less than 1,000 square feet in size, making them problematic for many people looking for living quarters.

Vertical space

You may be limited horizontally with a studio for rent, but remember that you also have vertical space for storage and shelving.  In essence, the more vertical space you have, the more living and storage space you can utilize.

Flexibility of the lease

This is becoming more and more important with the wildly popular idea of a home business.  Of course, it goes without saying that you should always read a lease before signing, but it is also good to make sure you have some flexibility in that lease i.e. you have options for the future should you decide to open a home-based business within your studio.  Not all commercial property for lease is the same, and not all industrial property for lease is the same.  Make sure you are clear on the specific details of the lease, and ASK QUESTIONS if you are unsure.

Plenty of storage

Do not assume that all studios are the same. There are some ingenious ways to offer storage, even in one room.  Shop around for the best storage solutions. Storage is usually the largest issue for anyone considering a studio for rent.  People have possessions they do not want to part with.

Location still matters

Location of the studio for rent may not be important to you now, but it may be very important later. Is that studio for rent near public transit? Is it near the necessities of your life, like your job, restaurants, shopping centers?  Finding a studio for rent which seems perfect may cost you more in the long run because it is so far away from the rest of your life.

Zoning matters

It’s amazing how many people ignore zoning laws when they are looking for commercial or industrial property.  It is a simple matter of asking your real estate agent or broker. This knowledge may not seem important now, but it may be very important down the road of your life.

Final tip: make a checklist

Begin your search with a checklist, and on that checklist have very specific wants and needs listed. You may not be able to check off every item of that checklist, but having the checklist will help immensely as you search for the “perfect” studio for rent.

A word about RDS Real Estate

No matter what you need in the Fort Worth area, a warehouse for rent, an office for rent, a garage for rent, or a studio for rent, RDS Real Estate can find it for you. Call us and put us to work for you.