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This article is for all small business owners considering leasing office space.

This article is for all home-based business owners considering leasing office space for the first time.

This article is for all business owners considering leasing office space, first time or not.

Read on and we will tell you how to save money when leasing an office space to rent.

We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us at 817-439-3224 to arrange for a tour of quality office space for lease in the Fort Worth Metro area.  Now, though, let’s talk about saving you money.

Begin your leasing office space search early

No one wants to appear desperate when they rent office space.  No one wants to appear in a rush and eager to close on a deal.  That kind of attitude is destined to cost you money.

Begin your office space for lease search months in advance.  Give yourself time to adequately scour the local market for exactly the deal you want.  Money WILL be saved if you give yourself permission and time to relax during the search.

Make a list and check it twice

We cannot overemphasize this point enough.  You need to know exactly what you need before you begin your search. You are going to be renting a location which will house your business for years to come. That is a heavy responsibility, one which will be much easier if you have a physical list of requirements and needs.

Create competition between landlords when leasing office space

Understand this: no lease is etched in stone. We are currently in a very competitive rental market. So many businesses failed during the Pandemic, leaving a glut of commercial property for rent in most cities.  Landlords and rental companies are eager to rent their empty properties, and that eagerness has created competition among them.  Do not settle for the first price you hear. Make it known to the leasing company, or broker, that you are entertaining other offers.  You just might be surprised how quickly they will sweeten their offer.

Lease only what you need i.e. Less is More

Again, space equals money in commercial property for lease.  You are better off leasing a smaller office in the perfect location than a larger one in a less-than-desirable location.

Consider the extra costs

It is amazing how many business owners ignore the secondary costs of an office for rent. What do the utilities cost? What does WiFi cost?  What are the tax implications of the office you are considering?  We have seen scenarios where business owners have paid more for the secondary costs combined than they paid for the lease of the office.  You need to know that information before you sign any lease.

Consider coworking space

Do you really need an office for the entire year? Many small businesses actually don’t. They would be much better off considering coworking space, a part-time rental, by the month, only when they need an office.  At places like Paddock Place Office Suites, in Fort Worth, a coworking space can be rented, by the month, for $450 per month.  Compare that to an office lease of $1000 or more, per month, for a solid year.

A word about RDS Real Estate

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