Commercial Property For RentCreative Fort Worth loft for rent

If you are what we call “A Creative,” the idea of finding a creative loft for rent in a creative Fort Worth location is like finding Nirvana or Shangrila . . . the stuff of dreams.

But this ain’t no dream, and it is possible at Box Office Warehouse Suites in the Fort Worth Design District.  We will now paint a quick sketch of this great opportunity, and then we invite you to give us a call at (817) 439-3224 for the specifics of this offer.

Tell us about this Fort Worth loft for rent

Our Fort Worth loft for rent is 320 square feet in size, or specifically 8’x40’ in proportions.  These are not sprawling,  converted warehouse lofts, the kind of which you would find in New York or Chicago, but intimate, modern lofts with kitchenettes and balconies and all the modern nuances which make Box Office Warehouse Suites so popular in Fort Worth.  Electric car charging stations are available.  Units are decorated with graffiti art.  Residents are entrepreneurs like you with commonalities and similar vibes.

It is, quite frankly, an opportunity which is absolutely perfect for any small business owner, home-based business owner, or artistic type looking to expand into a welcoming community.

What about this creative Fort Worth location

The Fort Worth Design District is approximately forty acres of passion, ingenuity, and creativity.  It began with a vision from one man, Ron Sturgeon, local real estate developer and entrepreneur in the Fort Worth area.  He wanted a new type of commercial and industrial development, a development which was specifically built for the 2000s and not some antiquated business park built back in the post-war economy.

He wanted bright colors and a lean towards environmentalism.  He wanted flexibility in the commercial property for rent, multi-use properties, he called them, properties which could be a number of things to a number of people, depending upon need.  And he specifically wanted commercial and industrial properties for lease which catered to small businesses.  At Box Office Warehouse Suites, every unit is 320 square feet in size and that includes any warehouse for rent,  office space for rent, retail space for rent, or shop for rent.  But he made his units from recycled shipping containers, a one-of-a-kind innovation for the Fort Worth area, so that units could be attached to each other to make larger units.

It was ingenious and it was invigorating. Soon Happy Bank signed on.  Soon Salon & Spa Galleria signed on.  Soon word spread throughout the Fort Worth community that it was entirely possible to rent a loft for rent, or any other type of commercial property for rent, for a reasonable price in a uniquely creative area.

So what do you say?  Is it worth a visit?  Drive to the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, and take the Golden Triangle exit off I-35, or check it out on the drone Youtube video tour.  Contact us at RDS Real Estate for more information.  Find out what dozens of others have already found out: it is entirely possible to be creative in Fort Worth in a creative business environment.