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If you are a small business owner, a one-man operation, you know how expensive it is to find a shop for rent you can afford.  This article is for all of you talented, hard-working individuals who really need more space but to date could not afford it.  Contact us if you have questions about this article. We are RDS Real Estate, out of Fort Worth, Texas, and our contact information is at the end of the article.

The traditional way to rent shop

For the first two-hundred plus years of this economy, if you wanted to rent shop anywhere in the United States,  you followed these procedures: you looked at available shop space for rent, you found one you wanted, you paid first and last month rent plus damage deposit, and the shop space was yours for a year.  Before you ever moved in you shelled out around four or five thousand bucks and, quite frankly, that was four or five thousand dollars most small business owners could not afford to pay.  Many small businesses went the way of the DoDo Bird . . . they went extinct . . . while others simply did not rent a shop, instead choosing to work out of their garage or not even going into business because of the prohibitive cost.

A new time for small business owners

Along about the turn of the century, say 2000, we began to see a huge influx of small businesses and home-based businesses in the United States. They began to take over a larger percentage of the business market, and industrial real estate needed to adjust in order to meet the demands of those small businesses.

One idea which sprang from this revolution was the idea of two or more companies sharing industrial or commercial space.  A large warehouse for rent would be partitioned off into two or three smaller warehouses. Two or three small businesses would then have their own warehouses, and they would share the common office space, break room, and restrooms.  The same could be done for office space, taking a larger room, partitioning it off, and making several smaller offices, and if it could be done with a warehouse for rent, or an office space to rent, then why not a retail space for rent, a garage for rent, or any other commercial or industrial property for rent?

A new concept was born . . . multi-use property . . . and a new way of thinking was born . . . co-sharing . . . so that today we have tens of thousands of small businesses able to afford industrial and commercial property for rent.

It’s a new world, and that world is adjusting to the needs of the business community.

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