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One size does not fit all in the business world, we are well aware of that. We know that, we understand. But instead of just accepting it, we’ve done something about it.

Take a short drive to North Fort Worth and discover a business park devoted to serve small-to-medium sized businesses.  We are talking about commercial space for lease ranging from less than one-thousand square feet to over twenty-five thousand square feet, perfect for a small business to get established or perfect for a small business that continues growing.

Just south of the Alliance area, Golden Triangle Business Park has everything a fledgling business could need, from bay doors to small offices, restrooms to outdoor storage space; all at prices competitive with this area.  We (RDS Real Estate) are not out to gouge you; we are out to help your business succeed, because when you succeed we have a steady customer for years.  In other words, we all win!

What do you need, a small warehouse with small office space? We’ve got it!  Do you need flex space for a small retail business?  We’ve got it! Do you need shared makerspace for that team of tech geniuses you hang with? You guessed it, we’ve got it!

And how can we be so sure that we have what you want?

Because we are RDS Real Estate, a company owned by Ron Sturgeon, making us one of the leading commercial real estate companies in Texas. Take a moment to Google Ron Sturgeon and you’ll find a man at the top of the commercial real estate world, but you’ll also find a man who understands what it takes to be successful in the business world, a man who clawed his way up from homelessness to a leadership position in one of the most competitive industries in any state.  Sturgeon, through RDS Real Estate, owns over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial real estate properties in the Fort Worth area, including the new Box Office Warehouse Suites, the first, and only, business park in Fort Worth made entirely from shipping containers.

The emphasis is on multi-use when speaking about the Golden Triangle Business Park because most, if not all, properties found at the Golden Triangle can be used for several different activities depending on your individual needs.

One size does not fit all!

In the case of Golden Triangle Business Park, one size fits practically all needs.  All our commercial properties are missing is your vision as a business owner.

Do you have the vision?  Can you take a building shell and make it into a successful business? Can you look at four walls and a bay door and envision rapid growth?  Can you look at 10,000 square feet of empty space and see orders being gathered and shipped out the door into waiting trucks?

If you can see those things then we can see you at Golden Triangle Business Park.

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