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It’s not bragging when you can back it up with facts.

How much retail space for lease do you think there is in the Fort Worth metroplex?  Do you have any idea how long that search for industrial properties for lease would take? Let’s cut through the chase and offer you what you are really looking for!

At RDS Real Estate, we begin by asking you about your specific needs.  Do you need a small retail space, like under 1,000 square feet, or do you need something a bit more ambitious, like five-thousand square feet or more?

What about location?  Fort Worth is a starting point, but then there is the Alliance Center area… or are you willing to expand the search to include outlying towns like Haltom City or Grapevine?

Do you just want retail space for lease, or will you at some point need a little storage to go along with that retail space, let’s say a small warehouse or garage?

Okay, now what about the exact location within Fort Worth? Do you want that retail space on a major intersection, in a strip mall or sitting by itself on a major arterial? Perhaps you are wanting to grow your business in a new business park, made entirely out of converted shipping containers.

The owner of RDS Real Estate, local developer and entrepreneur, Ron Sturgeon shares these thoughts with those looking for commercial property for rent:

“Don’t be in a rush,” Sturgeon says.  “Finding the retail space for your business is probably the single most important business decision you will make.  That retail space is the face of your business, so take your time and work with professionals in finding it.  Choose the right location and it can mean a huge boost in business.  Choose the wrong space and it can doom your business.  Our job at RDS Real Estate is to make sure you make the right decision, and we do our job well.”


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