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That’s right, you read that article title correctly, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice necessities to grow your business in Fort Worth.

We know it must seem hard to believe, considering the current real estate boom in Fort Worth, and the corresponding skyrocketing commercial property prices, but trust us, it is the truth.

And the reality of it can be found at Golden Triangle Business Park, an enterprise of RDS Real Estate, owned by local entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon.

But back to that bold claim: how can Fort Worth commercial shops for rent be inexpensive and still meet business needs?

To answer that question, one must understand the business philosophy of RDS Real Estate, and its owner Ron Sturgeon. Sturgeon owns over one-million square feet of small multi-use properties in the Fort Worth area, and that kind of success is directly attributable to a simple philosophy: you can’t make money on property that sits empty.

So to assure that his one-million square feet of commercial property is always occupied, he concentrates on two things: one, keeping the leasing prices down and two, making his properties multi-use, capable of being several different things and not just one.  The properties you will find at Golden Triangle Business Park can be warehouses, they can be small offices, they can be flex space, or they can be makerspace.  The only limitations on the Golden Triangle properties are the limits of your imagination.

So Golden Triangle Business Park is a busy place.

But there is room for you!

Are you one of the millions of home-business owners who have found success and now need to move into a real commercial building?  We have the perfect space for you!  Are you a small retail business owner who has grown beyond the capabilities of your current location?  We’ve got the perfect space for you!  Are you three or four Creatives looking for a shared space where you can create the next great tech product? We have the perfect space for you!  Are you a group of plumbers who need a central location for shared tools?  We have the perfect space for you!

Is Golden Triangle Business Park for every business?  Probably not! We won’t appeal to a large tech company like Amazon, and we aren’t receiving calls from Toyota for warehouse space . . . but for the 99.9% of the businesses which fall under the “small-to-medium” size, we’ve got what you need and we don’t feel foolish making such a bold statement.

Get in touch with our Leasing Agent and find out what Golden Triangle has for you.

Contact information:

RDS Real Estate Leasing Office
870 Blue Mound Rd West, Ft Worth TX 76052
(817) 439-3224 Office (817) 903-9438 Mobile

And if, for some reason, Golden Triangle Business Park does not have what you need, we also have Box Office Warehouse Suites to show you, the first, and only, Fort Worth business park made entirely from shipping containers.

You don’t become #1 by accident!  We aim to remain in that position.