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The two seem to be diametrically opposed . . . small business owner and renting a Fort Worth loft for rent.  How is it possible for a small business owner, with a small operating budget, to afford a loft for rent in Fort Worth or any other city?

We can tell you how, and we will, in this article. Contact us for more details about this great opportunity.  Our contact information is available down below.  We are RDS Real Estate, and we deal in solutions.

Traditional lofts for rent

Go to cities like New York, Chicago, or San Francisco, look for a loft for rent, and what you will most likely be shown is a large, open space concept upstairs above a ground-floor retail business. The classic loft for rent has brick walls, large, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a feeling of the 1880s to it.  It is also usually a couple thousand square feet in size, and costs an arm and a leg to rent, somewhere in the $2000-$3000 per month range.

It is not a space solution for the small business owner.

Historical perspective regarding lofts for rent

So what happens when there are hundreds of lofts for rent and no one who can afford them?  That’s what happened during the Great Recession in the 1980s again in 2008 . . . there was all this great commercial and industrial property for rent and no one who could afford them.

Something had to give!

Two things happened to meet demand: commercial and industrial properties were built smaller, and existing larger properties were partitioned off to make two or three smaller properties for rent.

And that is exactly what happened in the Fort Worth Design District

The Fort Worth Design District is a forty-acre enclave of inspirational commercial and industrial properties in North Fort Worth.  There you will find the idea of “small” embraced.  At Paddock Place Office Suites, offices are rented by the month in a classic coworking environment, and at Box Office Warehouse Suites, commercial and industrial properties for lease are built small so that small business owners can afford them.

Small as in 320 square foot units!

Small as in $875 per month!

Small as in affordable!

A loft for rent at Box Office Warehouse Suites begins at $875 per month, as does a warehouse for rent, an office for rent, a shop for rent, a studio for rent, or a retail space for lease. Smaller is embraced at Box Office Warehouse Suites.  Small business owners are welcomed.

And what if you need more room in the future?

Box Office Warehouse Suites has that solution as well.  Each unit is made from a recycled, retrofitted, and professionally designed shipping container.  As you know, shipping containers can be easily stacked on top of each other, so if you need two or more, it is a simple process to join them together to make more space for your needs.

Welcome to the future of commercial real estate!

Welcome to Box Office Warehouse Suites and the Fort Worth Design District.

Questions? Contact us . . .  RDS Real Estate at (817) 439-3224.  We will be happy to chat with you about The District, or meet up with you for a tour.