Commercial Property For RentHow to rent office space when you are short on funds

It seems like a trick question, doesn’t it? How do you rent office space if you can’t afford to rent office space? Like some cruel commercial real estate joke, right? Or some riddle for the Ages which has no real answer.

We assure you, there is an answer, and it is affordable, and we are pretty darned certain you will like it and approve of it.


We are RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated in Fort Worth, Texas, and we are about to give you the key to affording office space for lease.  Read on and then contact us for more information at (817) 439-3224.

There are two office space solutions to your dilemma

That’s right, we have two options for leasing office space for you small business owners to consider: share office space by partitioning a larger space, and renting a coworking space.  Let’s look at each.

One large office space divided by two or three equals . . .

Well, it equals two or three smaller office spaces, and it just might equal a very affordable solution to your problem.  Let’s look an example to see how this all works.  Take a traditional office space of one-thousand, two-hundred square feet.  Let’s say the rental fee for that space is $1500 per month.  The space is too large for your needs, and it is too much for your budget. What do you do?

What we would suggest you do is find two or three other small business owners who are looking for office space, you divide that large office space into thirds, and you all share common rooms like rest rooms, reception area, and break room.  Now, instead of paying $1500 per month, you each pay $500 per month.

Divide and conquer your problem!  And the same can be done, and is being done, for people who want a warehouse for rent, a retail space for lease, or a shop for rent . . . divide and conquer!

And then there is coworking!

Coworking is a situation where a business person only rents an office space to rent for a week or a month, when needed.  Instead of paying $1500 per month for a large office space, you would pay, say, $400 per month for a coworking space in a common office used by a dozen or more business people.  The savings in this scenario are obvious. The advantages include the ability to work in a creative, sharing environment, as well as a way to fight off loneliness and staleness.

In Fort Worth . . .

In Fort Worth the happening place is the Fort Worth Design District. There you will find smaller industrial properties for lease starting at $875 per month at Box Office Warehouse Suites. There you will find coworking spaces at Paddock Place Office Suites.  And there you will find multi-use properties which can be subdivided at Golden Triangle Business Park.

It’s all there for you to look at. Give us a call and arrange for a tour, or just call with any questions you might have. We are RDS Real Estate, and we make dreams come true.