Industrial Property for RentJohnson County warehouse for rent

If you live or work in Johnson County, and you are looking for a warehouse for rent, chances are you are feeling a certain level of frustration because, quite frankly, up until recently, the pickings were slim and far between.  Industrial property for rent, in general, is at a premium in Johnson County, or at least has been until now.

And now is what we want to talk about in this article, and exciting “NOW” that you will want to hear about.

We are RDS Real Estate, leading the way in commercial and industrial space, and we have an exciting new industrial park to tell you about. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information immediately after you read this article about new industrial space for lease in Johnson County.

And that industrial space is called . . .

917 Industrial Park is its name, and it is a new industrial park in Johnson County with over 700,000 feet of commercial property for rent and industrial properties for lease.

Location of the new warehouse for rent

917 Industrial Park is located at 4500-4552 JD Houser Parkway, in Alvarado, right off of Highway 287, and right off of I-35W, an absolutely fantastic location for easy access to the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, and yet not buried in the traffic we see in so much of Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties.

No restrictions on this new warehouse for rent, or new office warehouse for rent.

Just outside of the city limits, no Certificate of Occupancy is needed for 917 Industrial Park, which means less restrictions, fewer permits, and a whole lot of freedom in building your dream.

All that is needed is a vision

What will you find at 917 Industrial Park? Just a short list will include the following:

  • Warehouse for rent
  • Office warehouse for rent
  • Shop for rent
  • Garage for rent
  • Flex space for rent
  • Retail space for lease
  • Loft for rent

The fact is, 917 Industrial Park is still in the construction phase, as of the writing of this article, so we still have some freedom in the design of many of the buildings.  We could easily sit down with someone looking to rent at this location, go over their wish-list, and incorporate some of that wish-list in the final construction of a warehouse for rent.  It wouldn’t take much longer than the shake of a lamb’s tail to do so, and that is the beauty of getting in on the ground floor of this brand-new industrial property in Johnson County.  You don’t have to conform your business to an existing building, but rather we can adjust a building under construction to meet your needs.

A final word about RDS Real Estate

And, all it takes is a phone call, a phone call to 817-439-3224, and a discussion with our leasing agent.  Arrange for a tour of 917 Industrial Park. Envision your business located in that park.  Envision many years of growth in the newest industrial park in the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro area.

RDS Real Estate is a trusted name in commercial and industrial properties. We are locally owned and operated, and we pride ourselves in knowing what Texans want for business.  Call us and let’s make dreams happen.