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There is no shortage of industrial space options in Fort Worth. The trick is finding the one which perfectly fits your needs.  You will be signing a long-term lease, locking yourself into a monthly payment which will affect your profit, so it is reasonable to assume that you will want that industrial property for rent to meet all of your needs.  This article should help you to find that property. We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with over three million square feet of industrial property for lease and commercial property for rent. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information.

Why consider North Fort Worth industrial space?

Simply put, North Fort Worth is exploding in development.  If there is a hotter area than North Fort Worth, in all of Texas, we don’t know where that would be.  Grapevine, Bedford, Euless, North Richland Hills, these are areas which are rapidly increasing in population, and population means the need for goods and services.  And nowhere is that more apparent and truer than the Alliance Area.

Options to consider in Alliance Area.

The Alliance Area has been a hotbed of growth for several years now, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.  Just far enough from Fort Worth Metro to offer a decent value in property, but still only a short twenty-minute drive alone I-35W to the Metro area, it is an area ripe for development, and an area which, quite frankly, will increase sharply in value in the next five years.  Now is the time to act if you are looking for a great value in industrial space.

We turn your attention to the Fort Worth Design District, in the Alliance Area, and in particular Box Office Warehouse Suites and the Golden Triangle Business Park.

Box Office Warehouse Suites was designed with small business in mind. Properties start at 320 square feet in size, unheard of in today’s business world, but perfect for the growing trend towards smaller businesses.

Meanwhile, Golden Triangle Business Park is more traditional, with small industrial space units but also large units capable of handling larger businesses.  And The District is a great combination of funky and traditional, a great place for the Creatives in the business world to operate a business in a sharing and stimulating environment.

What you should be looking for.

It always comes down to cost and size, but beyond that, one needs to consider the population trends within any geographic area.  On an individual level, having bay doors is nice, having an attached office is certainly a plus, restroom of course, and ample parking.  If you can find a property which is outside city limits and thus does not require a Certificate of Occupancy, all the better.

The bottom line is this:  These properties are not going to drop in price. There is far too much growth happening in Tarrant County in 2024, and that growth will easily continue into the 2030s.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated.  Call us for all of your industrial and commercial property needs.  With over three million square feet of available properties, we are confident we can find what you need.