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Listen, finding a garage for rent is not difficult, at all. One quick Google search or five minutes on Craigslist will give you dozens to look at.  However, finding the garage you need, with rent by owner options and flexible lease terms, will take a little longer. Call or email RDS Real Estate at (817) 439-3224 and save yourself a whole bunch of headaches.

We have garages for rent in Fort Worth, Arlington, Grapevine, and other cities for your auto repair business, no matter where in Tarrant County you are located!

Tie into that earlier mentioned problem a not-so-perfect credit score, and most business owners don’t see their business leaving their home garage soon. They will either end up settling for a property they aren’t too fond of, or they will continue working for someone else, rather than growing their own business. They don’t see many options.

RDS Real Estate has all the solutions

We can help! We know garages and we know commercial real estate transactions.

Read the rest of this article.  If we haven’t convinced you to give RDS Real Estate a call or email by that time, we will wish you well and leave you alone. Deal?

When you do an online search for garages, or any Tarrant County commercial property for rent, the listings which pop up will be those listings which are keyword specific to the word “garages.” That’s how Google works, that’s how Google has always worked, and that’s how Google will continue working. If a real estate agent has listed a property as a garage, you will eventually find it doing a Google search.

Multi Use Commercial Property

But there are more garages available than just those listed under the keyword “garage for rent properties.” Check out the commercial property at 1953 Golden Heights Rd. for an example:

  • Spaces starting at 320 square feet
  • Bay doors
  • Prices start at $875
  • Busy business park

Now the property listed above will not be found doing a “garage for rent” search, but it is, in fact, a garage for rent, while at the same time being a small warehouse for rent, a small storage shed for rent, a small flex space for rent, and a small makerspace for rent.  It is all those things and more, found at Box Office Warehouse Suites, one of the most innovative business parks in the Fort Worth area.

The point being this: a garage is just four walls and a door.  You call it a garage; we call it a multi-use commercial property.

We understand how commercial real estate works!  Email us at and let us do the heavy lifting. That’s where we are valuable to you in the search for industrial properties for lease.

RDS owns and manages over one-million square feet of small, multi-use commercial properties.  The keyword in that sentence is “multi-use.”  RDS uses a unique approach to commercial properties.  Where one agent might see a warehouse, RDS agents see not only a warehouse but a shop, a garage, a makerspace, and a flex space.  Other agents might see a two-bedroom home, but we see an office/shop combination.  What some consider just retail space with a showroom, RDS Real Estates see an opportunity for not only a retail space with showroom, but also partitioned offices with storage space.

The owner of RDS Real Estate, Ron Sturgeon, puts it this way: “Commercial property, at its most basic, is just four walls and a door.  It can be anything the business owner wants it to be, so we list our properties as multi-use properties which expands the search parameters and expands the possibilities for anyone looking for commercial property in Tarrant County.”

What are you waiting for? Our leasing agents are ready to help! Give them a call and expand your parameters, your future awaits.

About RDS Real Estate

The first thing of importance is that RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated.  This is not some multi-national conglomerate headquartered in China, but rather a home-grown commercial real estate company, manned by folks just like you, living in the same area as you, with local interests at heart.  They understand Tarrant County.  They make their living matching businesses to commercial property, and they are good at it.  Give them a call!