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What is the key to finding the best retail lease space in Grapevine, Texas?  We aim to tell you in this article, and after you read this article we invite you to search our listings of Grapevine retail lease space. Or you can email us and we will show you the best space for your business.

We specialize in retail lease space!

No brag, just fact!

We did a quick search of our listings for retail space for rent Grapevine; here’s a couple we found:

  • 3549 Grapevine Mills Pkwy #106
  • Storefront retail lease space
  • Located near entrance to Grapevine Mills Mall
  • Up to 3,300 square feet available; willing to subdivide if necessary

Or this one:

Finding quality retail space for rent is what we do!

But we promised to tell you the key to finding the best retail lease space in Grapevine, and that’s exactly what we are going to do right now.

The key to finding the perfect retail shop, or for that matter the perfect commercial property for any business, is to match the property to the specific needs of the business.  What do you need in retail space?  How much room do you need? What amenities do you need? Do you need a storage room? Do you need a small office attached to that retail space?  And where, specifically, would be the best place for your particular business?  Not all retail space is the same; some does not match the needs of your business; some simply will not do.

Email us at with your specific needs.  Find out just how easy it is to lease property through RDS Real Estate.

It all seems so easy when writing about it, but in truth we are talking about a very large area to search for the exact retail lease space you need, and if it does not exist in Grapevine, which is always a possibility, then the search needs to expand to neighboring cities, or perhaps to unincorporated Tarrant County . . . and suddenly the search for retail space became infinitely more difficult for the average business person . . .

But we can simplify the proceedings if you call us!

It’s really just a matter of matching needs to availability, and the added ingredient of success, an understanding of the area.  The pros at RDS Real Estate live, work, and play in Tarrant County.  RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, meaning they know Grapevine and all of Tarrant County like the backs of their proverbial hands.

And that’s the kind of pros you want working for you!

Retail space for lease as small as 125 square feet . . . many in the 320 square foot range . . . perfect for a small business, or a home-based business which is growing . . . retail space with attached warehouses . . . retail space with outside storage space . . . retail storefronts with ample parking . . . retail locations in business parks made from shipping containers (Box Office Warehouse Suites) . . . retail locations on busy intersections, in shopping malls, and in stand-alone locations . . . the professionals at RDS have their finger on the pulse of Tarrant County commercial property for rent, and they can find you the best possible deal for your business.

The best bang for your buck, a commercial real estate deal that works within your budget, because they understand small businesses.

So, the key to finding the best retail lease space in Grapevine . . .

Call RDS Real Estate!

Call them . . . email them . . . check out their website . . . do it today!

About RDS Real Estate

What to say about RDS Real Estate? They are owned by a local boy, Ron Sturgeon, one of the leading real estate developers in Tarrant County, a man who knows a little something about starting from scratch with very little and making mountains out of mole hills.  Ron has never met a piece of commercial property he didn’t like, and he has the vision to see the value in any property.  Can you really afford to NOT contact RDS Real Estate:

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