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What would you expect to pay for a Fort Worth studio for rent?  A $1000 per month?  More?

What if we told you we know of a brand-new studio for rent for under $1000? And what if we told you that studio is located in the fastest-growing commercial and industrial part of the city?  Would you be interested?

We are RDS Real Estate, and we have that studio for rent, waiting for you, and in this article we will tell you a little something about it. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information.

Where to find this studio for rent

Drive out to the Fort Worth Design District, located in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, turn in when you see the sign Box Office Warehouse Suites, and you are there.  Truth be told, you won’t need to look for a sign.  Instead, look for brightly colored commercial property for rent and industrial properties, liberally-painted with graffiti art, sprinkled with electric-car chargers, and inhabited by a variety of businesses.  It is easily the most recognizable business park in all of Tarrant County. Trust us, you’ll know when you’ve arrived.

What’s so special about Box Office Warehouse Suites?

Box Office Warehouse Suites was built specifically with small businesses in mind.  It is a business park made from refurbished shipping containers, each measuring 320 square feet, the perfect size for a business owner looking for a warehouse for rent, a loft for rent, a retail space for lease, or a studio for rent, at an affordable price in a high-traffic area.

Bring your dog with you. We have Golden Triangle Dog Park on the premises.  Bring your barbecue with you. We have lofts for rent with balconies.  And bring your imagination with you, because Box Office Warehouse Suites is where business owners go to dream big.

The perfect location for a small business

A lease for as little as $875 per month? Where else will you find that in Tarrant County.  This is an opportunity every small business owner in Fort Worth should consider. This is a funky enclave of forward-thinking business owners and their businesses.  It is swarmed with citizens during the Graffiti Art Fair each year. It is rapidly gaining, and earning, a reputation as THE PLACE to be if you own a small business and you have big dreams.

And it is waiting for you!

Build it and they will come

That’s what we believe at RDS Real Estate. We are a locally owned and operated real estate firm, with industrial and commercial properties for rent all over Tarrant County, but the Fort Worth Design District is our gem. It is the culmination of our dreams, and now we make those dreams available to you.

If you are a small business owner, the downtown section of Fort Worth is no place for you. Prices are much too high and, quite frankly, business flow is moving away from downtown and towards the Alliance Area. We built the Fort Worth Design District right in the center of the future, and you can be a part of it.

Call us today! We have a Fort Worth studio for rent with your business name on it.