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Leasing office space, and looking for an office space for lease, seems pretty straight forward to someone who has never done it before.  You call us a commercial real estate company like RDS Real Estate, you ask about available office space for rent, and you choose from among the options they give you.

But there are also other options when leasing office space, and in this article we will share those three with you, giving you, at the very least, something to think about as you go about your search.

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Now, three options when leasing office space.

How about coworking space?

Instead of taking on the expense of an office space, signing a yearly lease, furnishing the office, and paying for utilities for an entire year, would leasing coworking space work better for your situation?

Coworking space is office space rented short-term, usually by the month, and usually for as low as $450 per month in the Fort Worth area.  With coworking space, the cost of utilities are included in the rental price. Oftentimes, furniture is already in the space you are renting, as is WiFi.  You literally rent coworking space for a month or two, however long you need it, and you do so at a considerably lower price than if you were leasing office space for a year.  This is becoming a very popular alternative in many cities, and it is definitely worth looking into if you are strapped for operational cash.

Take a look at flex space as an option

Flex space is literally anything you want it to be. Don’t be fooled by the name. Flex space can be office space.  It is usually an empty room advertised as a warehouse for rent, a shop for rent, or an office space for rent.

Ask your real estate leasing agent about available flex space in your area. It will increase your options and most likely provide you with a less-expensive option.

How about looking at a loft for rent?

Again, a rose by any other name is still a rose. In any city of decent size, there are lofts for rent. Those lofts are simply a single room, self-contained. They can be anything you wan them to be, including an office.  Ask about available lofts for rent.  You just might be surprised by what you discover once you have expanded the field of options.

A bonus option for leasing office space

How about sharing office space with another small business? If you could find an office space for rent which had two offices and a reception area, you could easily have that space hold two small businesses, sharing the reception area, and cutting costs in half.  Again, this idea, rent office space for two companies, is catching on in the business world, and it is certainly worth considering if you are a one-person operation or a home-based business looking to expand into a public location.

A word about RDS Real Estate

If it is commercial property for lease you are looking for in the Fort Worth area, RDS Real Estate is the name you should remember. We are locally owned and operated, well-respected in the area, and we can definitely find the office space you need, that you can afford. Call us today and let’s talk about your needs.